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Proper use of GPS jammer

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1/24/2020 3:16:59 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
A test day was particularly memorable. One of the members of our group was a former Vietnam helicopter pilot and a member of the National Guard. He received a helicopter and a copilot in Richmond and flew to Dahlgren. It landed between the cedar trees and the power lines behind our trailers, Which were in the then isolated area where the 1490 building is located (see Figures 1 and 2). These helicopters had clip locks on the sides to attach stretches for medical evacuation. We designed a frame to attach these latches that could hold our jammers, Power supplies, And antenna structures. After the helicopter landed, We screwed on the system, Loaded the instrument and scope cameras, And were off (see Figures 3, 4, And 5). There were teams on the ground to receive the jammer signals and also some enemy receivers that were being tested for effects.

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The devices pose serious social risks and are undoubtedly illegal to buy and use in the United States. The FCC is optimistic about persecuting someone who buys a GPS jammer and criminalizing anyone who uses one. But they're easy to buy online, And their proponents say they should stay that way. Numerous GPS jammers can be purchased from numerous online sources for as little as $ 50.

"GPS is so embedded in the transportation, Manufacturing and economies of our societies that the risk is high, " said David Last, An emeritus professor at Bangor University in the UK and a well-known authority on the criminal use of GPS jammers. "This is especially true for telecommunications: GPS is the ultimate timing source for most of our PBXs, The Internet, And US phone booths. "

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We made our way across the Potomac River and tested the water up close to make sure everything was working before heading higher up over Maryland. The jammers' exposure to noise caused the main warning light to come on, Which made the pilots very nervous. So we had to make sure that this was a true false alarm before we could continue. For the actual test, We wanted to simulate a parachute fall in usable areas, So the idea was to hover and take measurements at several distances. I learned that hovering at high altitude is very difficult for a helicopter because there is no ground effect. If you are not careful, The rotor wash can kind of self-circulate and you will lose control. We had some eye-opening moments, But the pilot was very capable.

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All of these systems are potential prey for misery, And that's mainly why they're illegal. But proponents of the devices say that they can serve a purpose and that people should have the right to buy them. And for the time being, They can.

While GPS jammer helps you protect your privacy, That alone is not a good argument for using a jammer. Anyone can hire a detective to search a car or personal belongings to search for GPS receivers.

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