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Interesting Q&A about car batteries

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1/2/2020 9:07:28 AM
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What voltage is required to charge a battery?
The different models 12V batteries are charged at different voltage ranges, But the minimum required is 12. 9V. It is important to note, That charging at this voltage is extremely important. It is perfectly possible to charge the battery safely at high voltage until it is fully charged. In this way, The voltage in the battery charger or in the alternator may reach 15-V but must be monitored to avoid recharging. The higher voltage allows the battery to charge faster, But if you want to let the battery charge slower, The recommended voltage is from 13. 6 to 13. 8V.

What is the voltage range of 12V batteries when charging and diluting?
The battery voltage will vary depending on its condition. When the engine is switched off, The battery voltage is 12. 9V. In the case of a newly charged battery from the alternator or from the same device, It is perfectly normal to count even higher tension from that. It is formed by accumulating a non-chemical charge on the plates as a capacitor and it is likely that you will have to wait a while or dilute it slightly, To reach that tension. As a result of the dilution process, The voltage may drop to ten or fewer volts. However, If it remains above 11. 8V it will be able to help ignite the car.

At what voltage is the battery considered to be completely discharged?
If the voltage is less than 10V when it's discharged, We can safely say that this battery is exhausted. The energy is very small between 10 and 0V, And when it's really under 10V, It's considered damaged.

Why does short-distance driving discharges the battery?
I like how the guys from https://motorcities. Com/best-car-battery/ explained it so simple and understandable. This is so important that every driver needs to understand it in order to prevent unpleasant situations during the winter. If you have five kilometers to work and in winter you have obligatory headlamps on, Seat heating, Rear window heating, Steam on and, In addition, The radio is perfectly normal for These five kilometers you're just exhausting your battery. In order to charge from the car alternator while driving, You need at least 15-20 minutes for the engine to work.

Is it possible to freeze the battery if the outside temperatures drop sharply?
With a 100% charge or a new battery, The possibility of freezing is excluded even if temperatures fall to -40 degrees. However, If your battery is depleted, All of its sulfate ions are depleted, And the electricity is almost entirely clean water, You probably know for yourself that it is very likely to freeze. There are many people who do not pay much attention to their car or accumulator in winter, And that is a big mistake.

Is it possible for one car's battery to charge another's battery?
No, Because your battery doesn't have enough voltage to charge another battery. It is possible to switch on power so that the car can start and the charging of the fallen battery continues from the car alternator while you are driving.

How heavy is a battery and how many amps does it contain?
The weight of the battery depends on its size, But it's usually between 13 and 22 Kg. Here are some rough calculations for cold start charging, A start-up at different amps and start-up at lights on

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