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The All Knowing is Belief *Blunder*

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10/15/2019 4:53:34 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
"All knowing is belief, But not all belief is knowing. "

I find this a catastrophic blunder on the part of philosophy.

Is knowing any/all *not* to "believe" not a kind of "knowledge-in-and-of-itself" absent (ie. The negation of) belief?
Is not knowledge certainly knowing any/all *not* to "believe" and why (ie. Conscious justification)?

i. "Belief-in-and-of-itself" being required to "believe" so-called evil is good,
ii. "Knowledge-in-and-of-itself" being required to know any/all *not* to "believe" due to the conflation/confusion caused by i. , And
iii. Thus being absent "belief"-based ignorance is due to knowing any/all *not* to "believe" vs. "belief"-based ignorance(s) due to unknowing any/all *not* to "believe" (ad infinitum) thus:

What *absence of* knowledge is to ignorance,
*absence of* ignorance is to knowledge.

This demands that knowledge is definitely distinct from belief thus:

All knowing is by way of indefinitely trying belief-based ignorance, But
not all belief-based ignorance is by way of indefinitely trying to know all.

Which demands that any/all "belief" be indefinitely tried for any/all "belief"-based ignorance(s) such that any/all that remains is whatever can not be falsified, Which tends towards knowledge/truth of any/all *not* to "believe" for all else having been certainly falsified due to trying them.

This renders "belief"-based dogmas as ignorant:

All BELIEF is IGNORANCE, But not all ignorance is belief.

Therefor this finds the two Primordial Edenic Trees:

2- any/all
0- I (am willing to)
3- *not to* <-*negation

wherein there is a bi-directional:
0-1-2-3-4 = KNOWLEDGE (Tree of Living by Way of Falsification)
0-4-3-2-1 = IGNORANCE (Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil)

and can be tested:

what SATAN is to BELIEF (satan *requiring* belief)
GOD is to KNOWING (ie. Any/all *not* to "believe" knowing satan requires it)

which satisfies an all-knowing god knowing not to eat from the wrong tree in the first place: BELIEF (ie. Knowledge of good and evil).
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