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God, Thought and Language

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2/25/2020 3:05:36 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
There is God or what we perceive as the Supreme Being.
When we think about God, Even though we think about Him, We cannot fully understand Him at times.
We try to describe Him in our languages, And even though we try as best as we can with our language, We cannot always justifiably convey the thought that we have concerning God, That all may understand. The fullness that God encompasses is above our thought in a lot of ways, Beyond our comprehension. And language is below our thought. True wisdom about God is beyond most words of description: This is sometimes why we are sent seers, Anointed ones or prophets to guide us in spiritual matters and convey God's thoughts in the language most suitable for that time, People and place. The problem is the message that they relay is mainly rejected by the people it is given to. Remember the Capstone you refuse can be the One that crushes you!
Language kept in its simple forms is perhaps the best way sometimes to convey a thought. Especially if that thought has to go through a considerable amount of time, As a human would count time I mean. Simplicity is best. That's why Jesus message that love is the highest of all the law. That the two highest laws are Love God with all your heart mind and soul. And Love your neighbor as you would Love yourself. Love can be understood as a language similar to how we understand what music is to us. It can go beyond the limitations of normal language and nationalities, Graphical borders, Through the various levels of education's and intelligence. It has an infinite amount of faces and paths it can travel.
Gods People will feel and show this through their hearts, Actions and humility.

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