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11/12/2019 4:46:26 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
US President D. Trump, Famous for his expressive behavior and stupid statements in public, Is also famous for his strong love for Twitter, Where he constantly posts nonsense. Yes, This is a good PR method, But not for the country head. Foreigners despise and hate Americans for the image that their president demonstrates to the world daily.

At the same time, The American leader claimed that thanks to his posts, There was less "fake news", And that among his 50, 000 posts there was not a single post that he regretted. On the contrary, Among them there are those for which it would be worth being ashamed of. For example tweets about "haters and losers", The leader of North Korea, Stupid and persistent allegations about Dorian hurricane that supposedly could reach Alabama, "the Wall is coming" and so on.

Analysts believe that Trump"s past election victory was the biggest mistake in American politics history. This mistake brought the country and the world more minuses than pluses and a serious threat looms over those who are against America.

Thus, On the eve of the 2020 elections, The idea of R03;R03;whether America needs (again) such a "warlike and racist" president is constantly spinning in the minds of US citizens.

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