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12/19/2019 8:02:13 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
Imagine Trump going into a full split personality, Not just partial, But full, Who reacts to his own behaviour on some maga rally somewhwere.
This is what it would sound like:

-"Now, This guy"
-"This guy".
[The herd of bribed brainwashed brainless sheep starts booing and laughing, Etc]
-"Can you believe this guy? ".
-"Is he for real? ".
- " "It was a perfect phonecall, PERFECT phonecall, Read the transcript" ".
[The herd slowly grows silent in some kind of confused awe].
-"Have you seen his hands? ".
-"They're so tiny".
-"They're so tiny".
-"NASA claims that there are trace elements of him having hands, But who believes them, Right? With the moon landing hoax, Right? ".
[Spontaneous laughter of shocked surprise].
-"So tiny, So very very tiny".
-"Do you know why he was born with such tiny hands? ".
-"Do you wanna know why? ".
-"Do you wanna know? ".
-"It's because he don't need any big hands to JERK OFF! ".
-"He don't need any big hands to jerk off because his d ck doesn'n almost EXIST. ".
-"His d ck is so small that he needs a microscope to grab it whenever he wants to help himself to Paradise. ".
-" "Oooh mama, Oooh mama, Oooh mama, Ooooh mama ooooh mama OOOOOH MAMA OOOOOOOOOOOH BETSY MAE! " ".
-"Betsy Mae was the name of their cow. ".
[The herd switches looks between themselves and Trump in extreme disbelief using frowned eyebrows, Unsure about whether they should laugh or not].
-"And what's with his orange hide anyway? ".
-"Normally people turn darker skin when they're sunbathing, Right? ".
-"But not this guy. ".
-"No, This guy turns more orange the more sun he gets. ".
-"Orange. ".
-"What's with that? ".
-"Some kind of genetic disease or what? ".
-"If he took off his clothes at sunset he would be invisible. ".
-"Invisible. ".
-"No one would see him. ".
-"They would go like "Where did he go? Where did he go? I can't see him anywhere". ".
-"Then he could go on grabbing pussi s wherever he finds them and no one could do anything. ".
-"And this guy holds the highest office in our country? ".
-"This guy is the COMMANDER IN CHIEF? ".
-"Really? ".
-"Is this for real? ".
-"What the hell is going on? ".
-"What's wrong with the American People? ".
-"What's going on? ".
-"What's going on? ".
[The herd are all raised eyebrows by now and someone hears a pin hit the ground from 2 blocks away]

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