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Is this illegal?

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1/18/2020 12:07:43 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
If I start a website to get 100 million names signed in a text box for people who are willing to "quit their jobs" if God does not prove we live after we die, Is that illegal and is there anything I can do to protect the website from government? I'm not trying to disturb the peace, But I want to make a website that encourages everybody to type their name in the box if they will agree to quit their jobs on a set date, After 100 million names and emails are gathered.

If 100 million people sign their name in the box and agree to quit their jobs if 'a higher power does not prove that our dead are still alive and are safe' and nothing happens, Then it means we all die and that is it. Mise well go out with a bang.

I want to do it. For real. I know most Christians will sign the box on the website. So will others. They want to see what will happen when 100 million people agree to go on #GodStrike if God does not help our people.

It is worth the risk. We send stuff into space. . . We look for planets. . . We look for signals. . . Lets approach whatever put us here directly and make a site to corner it. . . Why not? You afraid?

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