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MLK judge by Colour or content of Character

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1/25/2020 9:36:23 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
Kings message to white people was loud and clear.
In his "I have a Dream ", King said.

""I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. "

Is this the most controversial advice that MLK had for whites.
He was asking them to ignore the most obvious trait in blacks their colour which makes up 99% of their racial identity. But to focus on the content of their character.

One"s personality is more visible, While one"s character is revealed over time, Through varying situations.

"Personality is easy to read, And we"re all experts at it. We judge people [as] funny, Extroverted, Energetic, Optimistic, Confident"as well as overly serious, Lazy, Negative, And shy"if not upon first meeting them, Then shortly thereafter. And though we may need more than one interaction to confirm the presence of these sorts of traits, By the time we decide they are, In fact, Present, We"ve usually amassed enough data to justify our conclusions.

"Character, On the other hand, Takes far longer to puzzle out. It includes traits that reveal themselves only in specific"and often uncommon"circumstances, Traits like honesty, Virtue, And kindliness" (Lickerman, 2011).

MLK was unwittingly demanding greater scrutiny of blacks on traits like honesty, Virtue, And kindliness" instead of what was amply clear their colour.

Why didnt MLK admonish blacks to develop their character before he made it as a standard by which they should be measured?

The Blacks were caught in violent protests. They were struggling with poverty and higher carceration rates and blacks were stereotyped as the angry black man. So asking whites to use character to judge the blacks was perceptibly a disadvantage for blacks and the stigma contributed to the discrimination of blacks based on their character notwithstanding their colour.

So how does black character measure up to white character?
We see the difference in black character traits versus white character traits from members on DDO who represent Blacks (Ethang5) and whites (Pastor Tradesecret).

If MLK had left colour along. Black and White (Ethang and Tradesecret ) would be seen as Christians and God would be their judge rather than man. God sent plagues to Africa and Bush fires to Australia would determine their outcomes. While the rest of us would be free to develop more desirable characters and share MLK's dream.

MLK was shot and killed. That day is marked as a day to celebrated and a holiday for all Americans.

Jesus a Jew was killed by crucifixion. The day he died is also celebrated by Christians and a holiday. But in Jesus's case the Jews don't celebrate his death.

So why did blacks allow MLK's death to be celebrated with a national holiday?

I am sure given a choice blacks wouldn't celebrate Jesus's crucifixion either. Unless they see both deaths as justified.

Harikrish biblical scholar and spiritual leader.
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1/27/2020 10:32:26 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
As I say of his dream, Replying to King, In my work, "The Lost Religion of Men", "I have 'em too, Rev. They're usually caused by pizza. "

People judge, And most often, Hate. People are self-righteous, And do not see their evil. Any light or hope or positive energy from the human creature, Is a lie. Not even an illusion. It's just preening. You know, Like your post.

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