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Harikrish's online social media analyzer

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10/26/2019 3:16:03 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
How Harikrish put Nigger Ethang5's confessions together to expose Ethang5 as a very black negroud slumdog slum dweller living in slum city Accra Ghana a shithole country.

My natural language diagnoses and Textual social media analyzer uses AI to create the targets profile. That's how I knew Ethang5 was a black and a slumdog slum dweller negroid mutt. It put together all of Ethang5's relevant confession which makes the evidence irrefutable.

In addition:
Ethang5 has been using coded language with Franklin to mask their communication behind words like Vending Machines, POKE, CHOKE.
I applied my AI social media textual analyzed to decode their communication and was surprised how accurate and effective it was.

Here is what my AI natural language diagnoses uncovered.

Ethang5 has 3 illegitimate daughters he calls Vending Machines because for a few quarters they will deliver a sex treat.
The Vending Machines were able to stay off the streets for a week because nigger daddy brought home some money he won in a bet with Tradesecret. 100$ to be exact.
Now nigger daddy could POKE his Vending Machines at home with the money he won.
And his aggressiveness caused the Vending Machines to CHOKE. So he reached out for some lubricant he called SPAM. The disgusting part is how many times Ethang5 calls for POKE, CHOKE and SPAM (in his coded exchanges) from his Vending Machines since he won the bet.

Harikrish biblical scholar and spiritual leader.
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2/14/2020 12:31:13 AM
Posted: 1 year ago
Harikrish ran Anon's post through his online social media analyzer.

Anon wrote: The Lord spoke to me audibly in the inner ear in a new level of revelation for the last few days. The revelation has moved from just light on the sea of glass to words in the inner ear as a reward for obeying the light and following the Lord to come in here I still have received no audible or outer visions from Him all of my life, But He has been teaching me the language of the inner kingdom of heaven so that occult Israel can use the goal of translation as gods and goddesses to guide their paths, Which was called "salvation" anciently. All eleven apostles and many others were translated by using the correct Biblical paradigms and walking in the light.

He explain in the inner ear that the occult prophets are in the North and have been operating in Yahweh's black grace and receiving very deep truth from Him outside of the inner kingdom of Christ. He teaches them the path to follow in the outer kingdom.

Therefore, They find the false ideas of Christianity's emotional belief about the atonement and testament ideas about the teachings of Yahushua Messiah ridiculously in the light, Which they are. They have been "winning" on the earth with truth in their hearts easily as demonstrated by the black grace overpowering the Christians by shoeing them all off the board before the Lord came in here with me.

Anon claims there was audible activity in his inner ear and contradicts himself claiming. " I still have received no audible or outer visions from Him all of my life, "

Harikrish's media analyzer immediately picked up on this discrepancy.

When Anon is masturbating his inner ear goes dormant.

Anon wrote: "Anon stands by his words by experience. All of his Biblical ideas come from spiritual intimacy with wife or masturbation when his wife is on her periods. "

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