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Mission Accomplished, But Still Spamming

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12/3/2019 3:08:59 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
ethang5 wrote:

If your mission is accomplished, Why are you still spamming the same dumb things?

What do we know about blacks?
According to Trump they are shitholes.

How another black Astro2 responded to Ethang's posts?

Astro2 wrote: Harikrish The Bible will make you do irrational things I like to call It Bible Hysteria.
And No I don"t know any Black People that would even think about going to Ghana.

You are offensive even to blacks nigger Ethang!

Astro2 wrote: Ok Boomer Please don"t say your a conservative Ethang because you acting like Libtard and an ahole.

Astro2 wrote: Lol you can"t really blame the man I mean he lives in Ghana infested with malaria, Slums dangerous animals drugs and filariasis.

What members on DDO are saying about Ethang5.
Post#5 could Jesus heal amputees?
https://www. Debate. Org/forums/religion/topic/110517/1/
Wizofoz-->@Ethang5: So, Several posters have now pointed out YOUR ignorance, Showing that there were indeed amputees in that era,
So, My question is, Why do you so readily call others ignorant while writing about things you clearly know nothing about?

Smithereens-->@Ethang5: Consider this a rebuttal to your ignorant views of history: https://www. Ncbi. Nlm. Nih. Gov. . .

Woej-->@Ethang5: No. You didn't. You meant that there were no amputees. We can tell that by your, Unqualified exclamation that" there were no Amputees! " Now you are lying about what you intended in an attempt to back-peddle from an ignorant statement.

Wizofoz-->@Ethang5: You can't bring yourself to admit error, Let's suggest that Jesus Beebe did meet an amputee.

Wizofoz-->@Ethang5: Still, He's managed to hide how stupid his point is by making a stupid error and being too dishonest to admit it.

Wizofoz-->@Ethang5: How can we debate when you just flat out deny error when it's clearly shown to you?

Wizofoz-->@Ethang5: You didn't ask any question. You made a silly excuse about a straw man argument, Then wouldn't admit you made a glaring error.

Bulproof-->@Ethang5: hahahaha you lost when you first posted there were no amputees, All of your lies since just prove how pathetic you are.
I bet he doesn't respond.

Wizofoz-->@Ethang5: the only way you think you can win is with obstinate stupidity, I'm satisfied you're dusted.

ArtyMarty-->@Ethang5: Yet again, No demonstration of your assertions whatsoever, Just insults. As I said, Keep digging, You started the thread and yet still haven't been able to demonstrate how your god can cure so much as a wart. . . . To be honest you're an embarrassing advocate for any religious view if that's the best you can do.

Goldtop-->@Ethang5: You're intellectually dishonest so you're claim of hating you is just another lame excuse for you not to admit you were dead wrong. Ha!

Wizofoz-->@Ethang5: You not understanding. I gave you a chance for me to give a crap what you say- you turned it down. I can now treat you as a clown with a clear conscience.

JohnSmith22-->@Ethang5: Apart from Eth demonstrating his unwillingness to admit making even the slightest error, I can't see what purpose this thread is serving.

There could have been a story in the gospels about Jesus curing an amputee, But there isn't one. I don't see that a big deal. I have noticed that a lot of threads involving Eth end up being about Eth rather than the actual topic.

Wizofoz-->@Ethang5: Guess he can't counter actual arguments sufficiently, So has to make them up- then, Of course, He gets his butt handed to him on the made up ones, But that's just plain good entertainment.

Still, As an instructional exercise, It is good to note he won't ever admit error, And one should tailor the extent to which they take him seriously by that measure.

Ludofl3x-->@Ethang5: Which part of that was inaccurate? I'm pretty sure I can go find the posts in this hilarious thread where you're arguing those things, Or you think you are. Everyone else has dismissed the thought that started this thread in the first place, And because you're such a jag to everyone else, They're taking pleasure in beating on you. To be honest, You deserve it. You could have avoided it easily.

If I were you, I'd quit in disgust at this mistreatment, But I hope you don't. It's too much fun to watch you twist yourself up in thread after thread without ever sniffing self awareness.

Wizofoz-->@Ethang5: So, After calling people all kinds of names for pointing out you said "No amputees", You now carefully edit my post where I said "I've never heard anyone use the argument that Jesus didn't heal amputees", And go on to highlight examples of the argument they DO make.
whole point was exactly that people highlight the lack of amputee re-growth, But said I've never heard anyone refer to Jesus not doing it.
None of the above does either.
That's beyond carless or mis-speaking. You are now a Christian engaging in blatant false-witness in some bizarre attempt to maintain pride.
You are a fascinating study in how religion can turn someone completely dishonest.

Desmac-->@Ethang5: Gentlemen, Please do not forget that Eth is not above altering other contributor's posts to improve his own tenuous positions.

SingularityofLight wrote: Unlike Ethang5 who is among the worst deceivers, You are not a liar Harikrish.

So what do we know about you Ethang5?

Ethang5 finally confessed he is black. Game over!
Post#14 title loser Behavior. .
https://www. Debate. Org/forums/religion/topic/4343765/
Ethang5 wrote: I'm the only black, But you're the one no one likes

Post#6 title more comments on the DDO poll
https://www. Debate. Org/forums/religion/topic/4343817/
Ethang wrote: OK. I am the only black, And you are the only shithole. I'm black, But people like me. How come no one likes you Mr. Very white?

https://www. Debate. Org/forums/religion/topic/4343883/
Ethang5 wrote: He is Mr. Very white, And I am Mr. Very black.

Ethang5's profile. Ethang5 (slum-mutt) 57-year old in Accra, Greater Accra Region, Ghana.
Nigger Ethang has been calling India a dirty country when he is living in Accra Ghana which is nothing but a dirty slum and Ghana ranked the 7th dirtiest country in the world. Busted nigger Ethang!
In Accra New Town, In the heart of Ghana's capital, Most houses are built without toilet facilities.

Ethang5 wrote: I live in Ghana, West Africa. If you think life is miserable, Come here and I will open your eyes.
Ethang5 wrote: Worse still is a black person so deluded and self-loathing he has to pretend he's white, Terrified that he's a nigger.

Ethang5 wrote: Lol. Of course I am African, Why do you keep talking about America?
Ethang5 wrote: I live in Africa where slavery is still practiced today.
Ethang5 wrote: "I'm not a proud African. And if I were, I would not lie about Africa's achievements. "
Ethang5 wrote: I never said I was smart.
Ethang said: For His Majesty King Jesus? Full time slave here moron. Jesus has my all.
Ethang is a full time slave.
Ethang5 wrote: Yes, I am not proud to be African. I cannot be proud to be African.

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