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Don't Get Caught In Traffic

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1/20/2020 8:51:14 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
I watched in disbelief (don't you just love that little pun? ) this morning whilst driving to work. Rows of cars were queueing down the road waiting (endlessly no doubt) to fill up at a service station.

Obviously, These sheepish drivers got the news that this particular service station had the cheapest fuel in town. And by how much? Awww, About 10c per litre at a guess. But boy, They get to "save" money, Even though they have to drive across town and spend an extra hour for the pleasure. This is false economy at its absurdest. What stupid people.

It's a bit like religion really. Flocks of naive, Gullible sheep are herded into a building and fleeced of their common sense (what little they have, That is) by having the wool pulled over their eyes by evil-minded, Manipulative charlatans.
What stupid people.

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