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Con Artistry Is Still Alive And Kicking

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1/25/2020 11:55:35 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
What is it about televangelists?
They are the slimiest, Most crooked opportunists ever to crawl out of the woodwork. They inevitably get caught and put in the slammer where they belong but then, As sure as night follows day, They crawl back out of the woodwork and continue their deceitful practice of preaching their lies and filth to hundreds of thousands of hapless, Gullible respondents around the world staring at their goggle boxes like stunned mullets.

For example:
Jim Bakker (he couldn't even spell his own name properly, Everyone knows it's Jimm) sucked-in the naive masses for years before being incarcerated. Then wouldn't you know, The lecherous bastard is out preaching doomsday crap to anybody stupid enough to read out loud the numbers off their credit cards.

And what about that hypocritical moron Ted Haggard? Oh yeah did he preach of his disdain of drugs and "perverted sexual behavior". Trouble is, He couldn't keep his nose out of the powder nor his di*k out of young men.

We couldn't go past that living joke of an r-soul Benny Hinn who would convince idiots in droves that he had some God-given power to cure others by biffing his jacket at them. His downfall owing to numerous corruption and evasion allegations is on-going and alas so are his stage-managed miracle performances.

Of course, These charlatans have been going since time immemorial, Ripping off and damaging the lives of millions of weak and impressionable victims for thousands of years. Huh, There are even reports (nobody knows if they are true or not) dating back a couple of thousand years, Of some charismatic Jewish guy who started up his own ministry.
A bit like Hinn, He claimed to be a man of modest means; you know a humble carpenter who did a bit of fishing during the weekends. He was a bit more brazen than his protege and claimed that God was actually his Dad and stories (unverified of course) came from his deluded followers of curing chronic diseases simply by touching patients. Unfortunately, He was unable to save thousands of his devotees who died miserably from being mauled by lions. The stupid bastard eventually got his comeuppance after the officials grabbed a few 6-inch nails from the (alleged) divine being's toolbox. The day after taking his last breath, His body simply disappeared, Never to be seen again.

So, What am I saying here, I hear you cry in your relentless search for the truth?

Well, So long as you have impressionable, Gullible, Naive and stupid people there will always be dishonest, Self-righteous con-artists who will take advantage of them really big-time.

Stop those bastards and they just keep coming back to suck in more and more stupidos. In the last example, For example, There are still followers who believe that thousands of years after being dying from being nailed to a pole and stabbed in the side the deceitful cretin will come back.
As if.

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