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Ethang's solution to poverty on DART

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2/4/2020 9:48:25 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
Ethang5 wrote on DART: What if every American was given a one million dollar account? Not cash, But on paper. They could use this account as they would cash. Transactions were recorded digitally.

Ethang proves he is profoundly stupid and contradicts himself on every point he makes.

Ethang wants to give everyone the equivalent of a Nigerian bank account with a million dollars each. But they are not real dollars or money or pegged to anything of value. It is not tied to any wealth. So it is a worthless junk promissory digital IOU.

ethang5 wrote: It isn't money. Digital or not, It is not tied to any wealth. It is not representative of any wealth.
ethang5 wrote: No. We get inflation now because our money represents real physical wealth. A digital IOU system will not suffer that stress. It isn't tied to any physical wealth.
ethang5 wrote: Traditional money. Not this. The IOU's are not pegged to anything.
ethang5 wrote: Untrue. Money is pegged to the wealth of the country. That is how it's value is calculated. What I propose is NOT money.
ethang5 wrote:I know. You said it was not pegged to anything. Money is. This is not money. It isn't resources. It is not pegged to the country's wealth.

How can it be used as a legal tender to buy, Repay debts when it is not tied to any wealth? Who would accept this worthless digital IOU when real money is still the norm?
That's like collecting worthless junk bonds.

If the government had to back this million dollar giveaway it would create a 350 thrillion dollar deficit and make the current US dollar worthless.

But we know this same solution to poverty was tried on African slaves in America.

African slaves were promise faith currency if the worked for a higher cause as slaves for their Christian masters. There were no digital IOU then so faith currency was used instead.
But this faith currency did not do as well as money or hard cash. African slaves could not use this faith currency to buy houses or their freedom.
It is a cruel joke that Ethang a very black nigger is back to offering faith currency in digital IOU form hoping the blacks in America and Africa will see it as a solution to their poverty.

Nigger Ethang is desperate.
Now that Ethang has lost his job and is very sick with heart problems. He is turning to what his ancestor slaves taught him about faith currency.

Here is what Ethang posted: Posted November 7, 2019
What happens if God gives you a mission and you fail Him?
I took on a mission given to me by God, But lost my job and had heart problems, And could not succeed.
Will God forgave me? What happens to the kids I was supposed to help? Does God care for them?

Harikrish biblical scholar and spiritual leader.
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2/15/2020 1:15:42 AM
Posted: 1 year ago
DART update!

No one on DART has rejected Ethang's offer of a million dollars for every American to end poverty in America. No one on DART seems to care Ethang is a very black negroid living in slum city Accra Ghana Africa and is himself a slumdog slum dweller.

That is typical of American entitlement. They feel the world owes them big time.

America owes China 3 trillion dollars. After Ethang's proposal America will owe Ghana 350 trillion dollars. Lol!

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