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Anonthesmallone is a pathological liar

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2/16/2020 4:36:13 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
Anon is a pathological liar hiding behind his mental illness.

Here is a list of his lies.

1. He has repeatedly lied about standing on the sea of glass.
According to scriptures the sea of glass mentioned in Revelation is in front of God's throne in the third heaven?

Anon said he has only been to the first heaven.

Anon wrote: I said I live in the first heaven. I have never been to the third heaven because I am not translated yet without tasting death like Enoch or Melchizedek.

2. Anon has repeatedly lied God told him this and that. But when asked to produce a recording of God's voice confessed it was a lie.
Anon wrote: I have never heard the audible voice of God even once in my life. My guide has been the scriptures using the light of God using the Logos Word of Reason that is accessible to everyone.

3. Anon has repeatedly lied humans are evil but changed his mind when confronted by the genocidal actions of the God of the bible.
Anon wrote: Humans are "blinded by God" and not responsible for the evil. God is.

4. Anon repeatedly lied about the bible being his guide.
Anon wrote: We only need the Bible and the light of God that has no darkness to know how to become gods and goddesses. We have all the words we need.
But then confessed all his biblical ideas come from masturbating.
Anon wrote: "Anon stands by his words by experience. All of his Biblical ideas come from spiritual intimacy with or masturbation when his wife is on her periods. "

5. Anon lied Christians removed the concept of reincarnation from the bible.
Anon wrote: Christianity has the weakest ideas on the planet because they removed reincarnation, Making it impossible for reincarnated Israel to grow up into Gods and Goddesses.
Actually Anon argued Christianity teaches reincarnation about a year ago.

Anon wrote: are those who want to be gods and goddesses. Christianity was set by the Lord for those who wanted to be angels before they were born. Jerimiah was called to be a prophet or predestinated to be translated from mortality to immortality to be a god. Reincarnation is true and the Bible teaches it. John the Baptist was Elijah the prophet. All of Israel and all prophet will be reincarnated during the third temple era to be gods and goddesses. The little horn in Daniel is Christ speaking from the kingdom of God in our hearts to the ETs and the occult to bless the whole world. God lives inside us and the inner kingdom of God is "little" compared to the physical universe.

6. Anon even lies about his family.

The grand daughter of Anon/Noah that hears God's audible voice every other day and walks in the light, Drew a picture by her heart by graphical imagery to open Anon/Noah's mind. He saw in a flash of light by her artwork 3 years ago reincarnation and resurrection. Therefore, God changed his mind about reincarnation, And afterwards God has provided proof after proof from the Bible it was removed in 556 AD by the Catholic Corrupters who followed the directions of God to extend the Cosmic War to the 20th century to end over the next 50 years by freewill belief without a gloom and doom physical apocalyptic war. No. The words in the Bible are metaphors and parables of the good and evil ideas in our hearts at war. Reincarnated occult Israel will nuke all the evil ideas in their hearts to become the future Gods and Goddesses of immortality.

Even here you cannot get your story straight. You said it was your daughter who was hearing audible voices from God. You gave her age as 30 when asked by Harikrish. Now you changed it to your granddaughter.
You are a mentally ill pathological liar. You cannot even recognize your family. Lol!

Post#40 title Acts1 Altered.
http://www. Debate. Org/forums/religion/topic/4345384/
Anon wrote: For example, The following event in his life is interesting, But it is not first-hand evidence to create faith in God. His daughter told him yesterday she hears the audible voice of God every other day. Anon/Noah has been teaching his children the knowledge of God he is learning from Yahweh on DDO. She believes without doubts. Therefore, God talks to her.

7. Anon has repeatedly mentioned ET in his post and said they will make some major disclosures.

Anon wrote: ETs have no such philosophy. They focus on facts and truth. They do not create false narratives to control and rob the people. They have put 110% of their faith in Ra and the Law of One. They protect will and choice and not feelings. The contradicting philosophy will collide, And if the Jewish international bankers don't change, The truth will clobber them. Not the ETs, But the truth in Daniel. The ETs have the truth about soul feelings behind their cause. Occult Israel does not.
But when he was pushed by Harikrish he capitulated.
First God seeks permission from the ETs.
Anon wrote: Then Yahweh by default has permission from the ETs and Luciferians to reveal the truth privately to DDO as Anon/Noah is doing from the sea of glass--like Quantum Mechanics.
Now he claims even the ETs are deceived after hundreds of posts declaring their advanced techolology and superior intelligence.

Anon wrote: And my point is to prepare everyone to not freak out in fear because the Bible has the truth in the light, Not the ETs. They don't know what is happening either.
I will spend the time quoting the Bible, But you need to know I am not trying to prove anything to you, Which is why I use the Bible in such a limited way. All you need to know is the ETs are deceived. They have very advanced technology to bless the world, Such as free energy, But their philosophy about God is wrong.

This is just a short list of all the lies Anon has posted on DDO.
He confessed to 3 past failed lives and in his present life he suffers from mental illness went financually bankrupts and struggled for over 43 years to make sense of the bible and his repeated failed lives.
And like all desperate and lost people turned to Christianity.
We now have another Christian worldview shared by Anon in his confessions. Anon like all the other Christian perverts that Harikrish has exposed is a masturbator.

Harikrish biblical scholar and spiritual therapist.
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2/16/2020 10:22:46 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
Continued from previous post.

8 Anon lies repeatedly about the Bible.
Anon wrote: That is the coolest part of all. The true ideas to become a God or Goddess are in one book not 1000 spell books of witchcraft that work based on "wants" and not "needs".

Anon wrote: All of these ideas of Anon/Noah originate from the Bible with the sealed book of Revelation of Isaiah 29:11

Then Anon attacked the bible without any reason. Now claiming all his biblical ideas came from masturbation.

Anon wrote: The Bible is a dead book of ideas created my man, Theologians, And evil religions that steal our money and steal the glory of Yahweh Elohim.

Anon wrote: All of his Biblical ideas come from spiritual intimacy with or masturbation when his wife is on her periods. "

9 Anon said he was sent to earth to build an intellectual boat. Then he describes how the intellectual boat will be built.
Anon wrote: Anon/Noah's path is to build the intellectual boat for reincarnated Israel and draw the map to the treasure.
Anon wrote: The Lord has sent me in here to build the intellectual boat to ride the coming intellectual flood of the ET disclosure.

Anon wrote: The intellectual house is built by the the sperm ideas of pleasurable spiritual ejaculations and orgasms as we grow on the sea of glass as One Yahweh Elohim. (Found in post#17)

10 Anon wrote: Anon/Noah revealed he is the Messiah for the Jews, But God corrected his ideas 2 days later.
Then sent Anon to DDO yo get his brain rearranged.
Post#25 Anon declares himself the true Messiah.
https://www. Debate. Org/forums/religion/topic/4344264/
Anon wrote: Correct. Yahweh led me away from Alex Jones to DDO to rearrange my brain.

11 Anon wrote: Yahushua was not born as the Son of God but that happened at His baptism as recorded in the Bible. The BIBLE DOES NOT CLAIM YAHUSHUA WAS BORN THE SON GOD!

Anon wrote: Jesus in contrast is an imaginary man-made Gentile-dog god created by the Catholic Corrupters.

But the bible tells us in Luke an Angel told Mary the child she was to conceive was the son of God.
Luke 1:35"The angel answered, "The Holy Spirit will come on you, And the power of the Most Highwill overshadow you. So the holy one to be born will be called the Son of God.

Even at the tender age of 12 Jesus saw God as his father.
Luke 2:41"Every year Jesus" parents went to Jerusalem for the Festival of the Passover. 42"When he was twelve years old, They went up to the festival, According to the custom. 43"After the festival was over, While his parents were returning home, The boy Jesus stayed behind in Jerusalem, But they were unaware of it.
46"After three days they found him in the temple courts, Sitting among the teachers, Listening to them and asking them questions.
49""Why were you searching for me? " he asked. "Didn"t you know I had to be in my Father"s house? "

You confessed your past 3 lives were failures. And your present life is an even bigger failure. You were mentally ill since 17. You went financially bankrupt and all your biblical ideas came from masturbating during your wife's periods. You even admit you are repeatedly corrected by God for misrepresenting his message and for making wrong assumptions.

Read your confession.
Anon wrote: "Anon stands by his words by experience. All of his Biblical ideas come from spiritual intimacy with wife or masturbation when his wife is on her periods. "

Here is how you described 40 years of your life running around like a lunatic.

Anon wrote: For 40 year Anon/Noah filled his brain with religious garbage and was not taught who he really is nor how to enjoy Holy Ghost sex to receive clear revelation to dump the garbage. A prophet in 2002 saw in vision Anon/Noah digging through a garbage can of religion. Anon/Noah leaned the meaning of the vision 18 years later. He went around in circles for 40 years of intense study attending 10 different religions in his quest for the truth--religious garbage.
So why are you preaching on DDO?

Anon wrote: My professional career has been as a financial analyst and consultant for over 30 years, In 2009, My consulting business took a dive, (you went bankrupt. ) but you had accumulated 40 years of religious garbage which you are distributing for free since you bankrupted your reputation as a financial analyst.
So why are you preaching on DDO?

Anon wrote: Anon/Noah overcame the bankruptcy and retired early in 2014 at age 56. Reincarnation ideas started putting the Bible together 3 years ago.
So why are you preaching on DDO?

Reincarnation is a belief held and taught by Hinduism for over 5000 years. You must be profoundly stupid to have discovered reincarnation just 3 years ago.
Good reason to stop preaching!

Harikrish spiritual therapist.

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