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Downpipe Roll Forming Machine

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12/10/2019 1:20:35 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
Working Follow
De-CoilerU94;Guide FeedingU94;FormingU94;Cut To LengthU94;Bend By ArcA288;OptionalA289;U94;Finish Product Supporter
Capacity: 2mt
Coil Width: 300mm,
Coil Id: 508~610mm,
Coil Od: 1400mm,
Main Axis: 40cr
Size: 1. 3m*1. 1m*1. 3m
Machine Specification
Forming Speed: 0~4m/Min
Forming Steps : 18
Roller Material: 45# Steel, Chromated.
Axis Dia: "75mm
Axis Material: 40cr,
Gateway: Guide Post
Frame: Steel Pipe Structure
Trasnmission: Chain + Gear
Motor: 11kw,
Controller: Plc"Japanese Brand
Inverter"Janpanese BrandDownpipe Roll Forming Machine
website:http://www. Yidi-machinery. Com/roll-forming-machine/downpipe-roll-forming-machine/

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