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Multipole Magnetic Ring manufacturers

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12/10/2019 1:21:08 AM
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Our History
Langxi Yabo magnetoelectric technology limited company is by the Geman authorities plastic magnetic sub Dr Bollen"s main sponsor, The Yangtze River Delta in 2005 jointly mold city mold manufacturing enterprises jointly set up in Jiangsu, Changzhou. In 2013, Due to the expansion of manufacturing scale, The company will invest in the core production base, Located in the provinces of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui provinces -Xuancheng Langxi economic development zone. It has convenient traffic with Nanjing. Shanghai, Suzhou, Wuxi, Changzhou, Hangzhou and Hefei.
Our Factory
The company covers an area of 15000 square meters, Building area of 12500 square meters, Is the focus of the development of langxi 100 private enterprises, The first batch of enterprises to obtain import and export rights of one. Anhui provincial heavy contract, Trustworthy enterprises. Efforts have been made to establish a R&D system based on state -level technology centers, Which has established good cooperative relations with well-known universities such as Nanjing University of Science and Technology, Zhejiang University of Technology and Hefei University of Technology.
Our Product
The company mainly produces magnetic products, Plastic magnetic products, Motor rotors, Magneto-optical components. Magnetic field injection molding equipment, Electromechanical The company mainly produces magnetic products, Plastic magnetic products, Motor rotors, Magneto-optical components. Magnetic field injection molding equipment, Electromechanical equipment, Development and manufacturing of magnetic field oriented molds, And other plastic products of various specifications.
Equipment, Magnetic field oriented mold development and manufacturing, And other plastic products of various specifications.
Product Application
The main advantages of magnetic piastics is:low density, High impact strength, For cutting, Cutting, Drilling, Grinding, Laminating and embossing processing etc. When used without fragmentation, It can be used in general machining method of general "purpose plastics (such as injection molding, Extrusion, Etc. )for processing, Can be processed into size high precision thin wall complex shape products, With insert molding products, Realize the miniaturization, Electromagnetic equipment lightweight, Precision and high performance.
Magnetic plastics can be used in many devices. Such as:
Audio equipment: coupler, Phonograph with rotating transformer, TV receiver and computer monitors, CRT, Color puyity convergence adjusting ring, Motor and sensor, FG CD and VCD tape recorder rotating head drive motor, Door motor, Magnet and earphone loudspeaker magnet tape recorder;
Household appliances :refrigerators, Refrigerator door sealing strip, Disinfection cabinet, Bathroom, Washing machine drain valve motor, Timer motor, Electric cooker seat, TV sets, Video recorders, Washing machine, Vacuum cleaners and other electrical components;
Computer and office:a floppy drive motor, Feed motor, Cooling type axial flow fan, CRT display correction device;electrostatic copier magnetic roller, Magnetic roller, Cleaning the fax machine in the magnetic roller, Magneticroller laser printer;
Automotive Industry :Auto contactless distributor, Magnetic gasket, Stepping motor for fuel injection pump, Shockprool sticking board;Health, Culture ;magnetic health care products, Magnetic therapy mattress, Magnetic rotor, Toilet soap box;magnetic drawing board, Student stationery, Teaching aids, Advertising, Display magnetic blackboard;furniture door buckle various magnetic toys etc.
Our Certificate
5 inventions. 10 utility models
Production Equipment
Magnetic field injection molding machine Precision CNC lathe Centerless internal and external cylindrical grinding machine. Mold processing equipment: (slow wire, CNC milling. Precision engraving machine, Machining center)
Production Market
"Ajil ahead, Learn widely from others" strong points"! YaBo technology innovation is the fundamental guarantee for the development of enterprises, Improve product and service quality, And in strict accordance with the ISO9001 international quality system and quality control, And always adhere to the quality of survival, Promote the development of science and technology on the principle, The process layout of a modern, Scientific management, And to improve the quality system throughout the whole the production process to adapt to changing market challenges!
Our service
Continuously improve and guarantee services. Strive for a win-win situation and long-term cooperation. Adhere to the customer as the core, Timely pre-sale, Sale, After-sales service. Implementing scientific management, Bingba2's comprehensive quality system runs through the entire production process to adapt to changing market challenges! Multipole Magnetic Ring manufacturers
website:http://www. Plastic-magnet. Com/

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