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15 Soccer Facts for the Diehard Fan

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2/24/2020 7:40:26 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
1: The highest score ever made in a soccer game was 149-0.
2: More than 1 in 20 soccer injuries are caused by celebrating goals on the pitch.
3: The city of Lusail, Host of the 2022 FIFA World Cup Final game, Doesn"t exist yet.
4: 1908 was the first time soccer was played in the Olympics.
5: A traditional soccer ball has 32 panels one for each country in Europe.
6: Soccer was illegal in Mississippi until 1991.
7: In most countries, A soccer player"s uniform is actually called a kit. The cleats are then called hooves.
8: Soccer balls are not a perfect sphere. They are slightly oval-shaped but the checkerboard pattern creates an illusion.
9: A 20-month old baby became the youngest professional soccer player ever, After being signed by a Belgian club.
10: In the 725 Copa America games played so far, An average of 3. 28 goals have been scored in each.
11: On average, Soccer players run as far as 9. 5 miles in a single match.
12: The first soccer nets were wicker baskets.
13: The original World Cup was made of papier-m"ch", But it had to be replaced after the heavy rains of the 1950 World Cup.
14: The youngest goal scorer of Copa America was 6-year-old Johnnier Montano.
15: Players did not wear cleats and shin guards until 1874.

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