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Your local one stop shop crypto currency exch

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2/26/2020 9:19:42 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
Bitvalex is an innovative digital asset exchange platform with integrated fiat and crypto wallets designed to provide you with a true banking alternative. The platform supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, And Bitcoin Cash, Which can be exchanged either for EUR and USD or between each other. With a comprehensive list of additional services, Such as Prepaid Card, OTC Trading Desk, Merchant Payment Gateway and Crypto Payroll Processing, Our goal is to position ourselves as a one-stop-shop solution that propels cryptocurrencies towards mass adoption.

Buy and sell Bitcoin with a bank transfer or credit card
Buy and sell Litecoin with a bank transfer or credit card
Buy and sell Ethereum with a bank transfer or credit card
Buy and sell Bitcoin Cash with a bank transfer or credit card
Crypto to Crypto Trades for all supported crypto currencies

Spend your Crypto Anywhere Anytime without the Need of a Bank account

Bitvalex crypto currency exchange platform running on phone
Order your EUR contactless Mastercard anywhere in the EU/EEA
Load your card instantly with any supported cryptocurrency
Spend your crypto for online and offline purchases and payments
Withdraw cash at any ATM in any currency anywhere in the world
Track all of your transactions easily from your Bitvalex account

Buy bitcoin with Bitvalex. Com
https://bitvalex. Com/

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