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Mt. Williamson a picture taken by ansel adams. I had to remember this for an art test that it turns out I didn't have to take btw this is Sierra and not Lexi still. I drew a vampire bunny in art today... This is the first picture that comes up if you type in death note on photobucket. Surprised that this school computer would even let me on to photobucket let alone debate. I'm waiting for aunty lady to come take me home so I can get on the computer and work on the 'last and final guess that random vocaloid song' and guess what lexi! you probably won't know any of them again. So here's a hint: voice by hatsune miku. It's sad...anyway, I have to delete this photo from the computer now bye! I would like to know what it says, it has something to do with misa's dolls that you see the first time you ever see her when she's in her room being a crazy fan over kira, almost worse than mikami but not quite. I upload this because lexi doesnt like near haha
the first picture that comes up when you type 'death note kira' in to photobucket and now I'm finally talking to lexi on the phone, yay This isn't really youi but my point is that L looks really young in this picture. He was twenty-five (twent-three? can't remember da*nit) when he died
I'm all for myley cyrus dying, this is still sierra
The first thing that comes up if you type 'death note L' into photobucket

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