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  • Yes, I do.

    In China, calling someone a caveman shouldn’t be taken as an insult – in fact, Mao Zedong lived in a cave before becoming the country’s leader. Today, many Chinese people still live in caves. Some Chinese caves have been around for generations, and they often have modern amenities like plumbing, electricity and phone service. Because they use natural materials and take advantage of the existing landscape, China’s cave dwellings required fewer building materials when they were originally built.

  • No, it seems impossible that 40 million Chinese people live in caves.

    It is difficult to imagine 40 million Chinese people living in caves in modern times. This would be equivalent to the entire urban population of a medium sized U.S. city living in caves. Do all of these people live primitively? Do they have heat or electricity? It gets really cold in China. How do 40 million cave dwelling Chinese people feed themselves? Do they herd animals? It is assumed that the area where caves could be found would be rather poor soil for farming. Do these cave dwelling people pay taxes?

  • No, it does not seem likely that 40 million Chinese people live in caves

    It seems hard to believe that forty million people live in caves. Clearly some Chinese people are living in caves, which may be a good idea--using naturally occurring structures to build homes. However, forty million is a huge number. It raises a lot of questions like, 'how were these people counted?' or 'are these people all living there permanently?'

  • They are sophisticated.

    Sometimes people in developed countries live under the misconception about how things are in other countries. They are told that other countries are terrible places. It just isn't true. China is much more developed than Americans realize. They have many modern things. There is poverty in China, but there is also poverty in the United States.

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