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49's take QB Mitch Trubisky in mock draft: Is this a wise decision for the team?

  • The 49ers need a QB

    After the debacle that was the Gabbert & Kapernick show this year, the 49ers have got to know that they need a quality quarterback. Since the Chiefs are unlikely to deal Alex Smith back to the team that let him go, the draft is the only way the 'niners can improve. After such a terrible season, no free agent QB wants to play there.

  • No, 49ers need veteran leadership on the team

    No, part of the reason that the 49ers are in the position they are in is because of the mass retirement of older players following the 2014-2015 season. While a new coach will want to bring in a fresh quarterback into his system, what the 49ers need at this point in time is to trade for a veteran quarterback with pedigree and experience that they can look up to and trust to make smart decisions for the team. At that point, even if that quarterback becomes the backup for the next promising rookie, someone will be there to develop that quarterback correctly.

  • No, this is not a wise decision for the team.

    No, this is not a wise decision for the team, although they do need a good quarterback. Mitch Trubisky was a good college quarterback, but he did not start in that many games over his career. Last season he was used as a second stringer, and it was only until this past season that he started.

  • QBs available, Niners have bigger holes to fill

    The San Francisco 49ers have the second overall pick in this draft. Deshaun Watson is the only compelling QB coming out this year. If they decide to take a QB and Watson is on the board, that may be a fine decision. However, to take Trubisky when there are so many gaping holes on the roster would be a mistake with as many available veteran QBs as there will be this offseason.

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