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  • Hitler was an absolute gigachad

    The filthy uneducated libtards like to spread propaganda about the life of Adolf Hitler, Usually framing him as a morally corrupt, Cold hearted individual, However he liked animals. Bad people don't like animals, So by default he was a good person. He also found out that sewing together twins who weren't conjoined at birth is bad. What a medical break through! Case closed. Hitler = good. Millennial libtard snowflake = destroyed by FACTS and LOGIC. Sieg heil.
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  • Yes they should to see what a loser hitler was

    They should and they should read the communist manifesto for the same reason, Kids should see how bad ideas get started we should discuss these bad ideas logically and reason out how they led to such disaster, Mien kampf led to horror beccause hitler intended evil, Marx created horror bacause he had good intentions and and an impossibly utopian vision that actaully caused mre harm than hitler did, Kids need to learn to think

  • The Mein Kampf is a very educational book.

    The Mein Kampf should be read and deeply analyzed in all schools. Children MUST learn what it is. I believe they should start reading it at age 1. This book teaches A LOT of life lessons. I truly don't understand why it isn't already a very important book to be read in all classes. Teachers, Replace "To Kill a Mockingbird" with the Mein Kampf.

  • Disgusting to even suggest!

    What a ridiculous & disgusting question to even ask. This is not Nazi Germany. We should not celebrate Hitler by giving his writing any validity whatsoever. To the person who suggested getting rid of To Kill a Mockingbird & replacing it with Mein Kampf, Get professional help. This country has enough divisiveness without such a gross suggestion.

  • I would rather let my child read dora the explorer or barney

    That man could not even write his own book. It was written by another man and made to be propagandist in nature. The man even tried to distance himself from the book and call it fantasies he had behind bars. News flash the Reich lost as badly as the south lost the civil war. No amount of fantasy and believe can make it true

    I see as much value in it as Dora the explorer. And believe me my home is a Dora the explorer free zone. If you want to read it with your imaginary wizard friends in the forest go for it,

  • Educational, But biased. Try third reich

    I would suggest children to read the the third reich before they try to read mein kampf, The story shows obvious bias toward certain breads of humanity and creating a "Superior aryan race". However third reich talks more about what he actually did to achieve his goals and the repercussions.

  • Even as a provocative suggestion, This enrages me. . .

    As a Jewish person and a sane human being, I believe that this particular text is a danger to the malleable minds of children and young adults, As it propagates the notion that there are superior and inferior races of people and has led to widespread genocide. The devastating effects of the ideology promoted through this awful text are still being felt today, Particularly in countries like America, Where anti-Semitism and violence against Jewish people is a particularly current issue. You must treat anything you read with a healthy amount of skepticism, And powerful, Hateful prose such as this should not be given to children.

  • No I'm desagree

    Mein Kampf has written by Hitler, That's all. I don't know what can be interesting int this book for children?
    If he forbidden it's for a good reason!
    It is a book for children or for adult, For me it is not a book for chlidren! !

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