All clothing should become unisex, We should be able to wear what we want

  • Guys have started wearing tights

    Tights for sports have cum along way. Men wearing them now is accepted. Once upon a time it wasn't. See my profile pics and comment then make up your mind. Guys are too scared to wear these and it seems only gay guys are the brave ones. Well I may not identify as gay but as cis hetro male I like the attention i get from women, So I think it is ok to wear what you feel comfortable in, , Tights might be the length some guys will go to and thats it. But alot more of us are wearing them longer than our run or gym sessions. Like women do now. Long singlets and speedos are great to wear and I love the long singlet looking like a short dress.

  • I have some great news for you.

    Believe it or not there is actually no law preventing you from wearing clothes commonly associated with a different group of people from yourself! You heard me right, That means you CAN wear clothes normally your gender does not wear. That of course does not mean people won't judge you for looking strange or weird in those clothes, But there is really not much you can do to stop their opinions on your fashion sense. Godspeed.

  • We have free will for a reason

    We now live in 2020, The stigmas of being gay just because a man is comfortable in tights or likes to do dancing should be unacceptable. Dancing is a great exercise and way to express your self, Any ballet dancer will out do any rugby/American football player. Plus clothing is also an expression of ourselves, M girlfriend and I the other day wanted to buy me some clothes mainly a pair of jeans. And to her shock only clothing stores in own actually had men clothing and non had what we were looking for. She then realised why some men are wearing woman clothing, There is more variety, Styles, Types you name it. Its our body and we should be allowed to express it how we want even if that means wearing the opposite genders clothing

  • The choices of men

    What if men where to suddenly start wearing a bra or wear thongs? What if they started to wear bikinis on the beach? What if women chose to wear pants that make it so you can see their underwear? If men started to wear dresses that women wear that are skin tight and show off a lot of things, What would that look like? We would make a fool out of ourselves. Just think about what you would look like in the opposite gender's clothing.

  • You need to seek help.

    There are a lot of chemicals that mimic estrogen and men's testosterone levels and sperm levels are dropping. Infertility is becoming very prevalent. The human race is becoming emasculated that is nothing to be proud of.

    You cannot have children and you sick people want to adopt children to indoctrinate and teach them to hate their bodies and genitals.
    You also want to manufacture people artificially and that is another can of worms and problems that will be created.

    Whats wrong with you people? Your are so twisted I bet that strait normal people seem alien and strange to you. The human race is doomed and they have become weak.

    Steven Universe and all those trash shows are pure unrealistic fantasy. There is no happy ending for ill people like you. Mark my word suicide is high among you people and that is not because of bulling from strait people that because you people are crazy and you are not right in your mind. You will commit suicide or go crazy on drugs.

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