All of Hollywood is pure evil and should be banned!

Asked by: CaptainHades
  • It is pure satanic mental enslavement

    Hollywood makes money off of poor gullible fools that give them their money, Yet they make crap that serves no purpose other than to brainwash and dumb down the populace. Why should someone make millions of dollars for a film anyway? It's just a bunch of frames and color, The cost to produce and ROI is astronomical and should be clamped down on by congress. Hollywood promotes pedophilia, Murder and satanism as just normal things, And do not believe in the concept of good vs evil. They get most of their money from communist china, And serve as a platform to push the communist agenda onto everyone, Including 1)destroying the family 2) extreme political correctness 3)promotion of socialist and utopian ideas and quantity over quality 4) the destruction of the self and individuality.

    The last one "destruction of the self" is clearly demonstrated all throughout hollywood very obviously, And it can be shown in plain view in the movie "Fight Club". Everyone there is basically a communist/neo-nazi wannabe who are not allowed to have individual beliefs or even dress/attire. They physically attack each other and brutally maim and injure each other every week in their "fight club" sessions, Which glorifies unjustified violence, And attempts to convince the public to accept such behavior as necessary or even desirable for "greater good".

    Steroids are also another big problem in hollywood. Every single male nowadays it seems like is on steroids/testosterone injections/pills. I think the disastrous health effects of this medication are already well established, But the public has been brainwashed to think that steroids grow more muscle mass, When in fact they do not. Your body is genetically limited to how many cells it can grow and maintain/regulate and if you grow anymore than your genetically designed limit, Your body will starve the new cells as it thinks they are cancer. Steroids do not change your DNA, All they do is inflame your body and expand the distance between tissue and bone cells. This is why osteoporosis is so common in steroid abusers, As well as heart attacks (arnold schwarzenegger has had 3 heart surgeries) and liver cancer as well as tumors. Their brains are not safe from the cell expansion, And users can experience memory loss/mental fog and anxiety and anger associated with the side effects of steroids.

    The problem of steroids is now everywhere in our culture, Half the population seems to be on it and young women are pushed to find a guy who does steroids so she can fit in to the in-crowd. It is destroying our way of life, And women are being basically raped into these types of relationships where the guy is always abusive and violent towards her.

    Which brings us to the last point. Bad boys. Girls want the bad boys, Because hollywood has successfully convinced them that criminals and bullies are just "lonely hearts" that need to be made love to for them to change from a frog to prince charming.

  • Hollywood is run by pedos, Communists, And illuminati so basicly democrats.

    Whens the last time you saw a conservative movie? 1 thats supports traditional gender roles, Supports family, God and country - nationalism. Whens the last time they made a movie about something real, That isnt fiction, That reveals truth. That challenges liberal talking points. Few and far between and half truths.

  • Incredibly Corrupt Industry

    The industry has been corrupt for a long, Long time now. Only those they deem eligible are allowed in, And surprise, Their initiation is through satanic ritual. Holly Wood comes from the type of wood witches use for their wands, From holly trees. Early hollywood was dominated by witches and that trend has only increased since, Now you literally cannot get past a certain monetary threshold without selling your soul, Literally, By pledging allegiance to satan. Katy Perry and Bob Dylan and Jack Black and Robert Johnson etc etc etc, They aren't being metaphorical, They LITERALLY sold their souls to satan for the illusion of talent, Worldly wealth and temporary fame. 90% of it is literally a satanic propaganda machine, As most plotlines subtly REQUIRE the audience to make the assumption 'God does not exist', For example all of marvel's movies are under that automatic assumption. Otherwise, Every single "hero" is actually a devil, Because Jesus is God and there's no such thing as mutants or superpowers. But the plots REQUIRE you to 'suspend your disbelief', And one of those things you're suspending is the belief in Jesus as God creator. It's subtle mind manipulation and conditioning.

  • Nah I don't know about that

    Yeah so pure evil that means nothing good can come of it but where would people be without entertainment? Not well off. . . Some people like Hollywood. How can something people make be pure evil with any definition of evil. . So pain and death evil but people are still alive and there are people thriving.

  • Your moral standards are not universal

    Only because your reading of the bible let you think like that, Doesen´t make it real. One can interpret the bible in many way, To say that your way is the only way is insane. Additionally your statement is based on a conspriacy theory, Not on reality. You assert that everone in hollywood is evil and tries to destroy society, Did you ever think about hollywood actors just being normal humans with other opinions than you. If not try do it and you wil see that these statements are nothing more than paranoia.

  • This is stereotype & blanket statement.

    This notion from CaptainHades, Debate. Org user is stereotype which thinks all actors, Actresses, Directors, Producers etc are evil & blanket statement for broad industry which contributes to economy & society worldwide. People should stop making statements like that cuz of damage it can & will do if unhindered without controls.

  • Why do you watch it then?

    All Christians I know watch Hollywood movies. Even country folk from rural areas know about the terminator and star wars.
    In fact I think suspect some preachers have watched some rated R movies.
    I know this because I used to watch them when I did not know about Jesus.
    I do not go to the movies as often as I used to and I am trying to watch less TV.

    I do not like how Hollywood is so I do not watch it. How do you expect a secular company to change the way it is? There is a christian company called pure flix trying to make christian movies but all of the "christians" still go to the movies.

    And you cannot escape from negative influences. In professional sports there is rampant drug abuse and no one talks about it. And your kids face dangers from their friends as well.

    So long story short stop expecting Hollywood to be for Christians, And support christian media creators.

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MyacronymissimplyCEE says2020-01-04T22:53:34.020
This may be extraneous to say, But the is/should be proposition, Won't be relevant very long. The Earthquake Is Coming. Americans are just jaded enough to dismiss "imminent disaster", When it becomes Not Imminent Enough for their rhesus monkeylike attention spans.

Trust me. There soon won't be enough of a "Hollywood" to bandy this about.
faheemcs2019 says2020-01-06T12:31:44.047
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