All parents should be attend parenting classes before having a child

  • Parents have pretty weird ways of parenting

    A lot of abusive parents don't even know what they're doing is actually affecting the child. The classes wouldn't take up much time in their daily life and overall should be taught with open opinions.

    Also, These classes may help the upbringing of children who may otherwise go down a dangerous route.

  • I'm not even in the US and don't even fully agree.

    Though having a mandatory exam or something isn't smart, A good alternative is taking a bit time from health in high school and teach it there. Not much hassle, Not much time wasted. Incompetent/Abusive parents suck but it's not to the point where everyone should be punished.
    Sooo yes but actually no.

    But some action can be taken reasonably

  • How about the state mind it's own F@#^# buisness!

    What the Hells a matter with you people! The state has no, Absolutely no buisness in your house unless there's a F@^@_@ crime! They can't even keep the streets clean human feces or keep the lights on & you expect them to know what's best for you and your family!

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