• Yes hunny dunny

    Darlin yes you are very smart. Like how everyone could potentially be very smart. There is one universal secret that all have been dying to comprehend. They will only be able to comprehend once they do this one universal secret. They can only do this one universal secret once they comprehend. . . And that universal secret that no one may comprehend because they cannot comprehend before comprehending is this: chickens must thickens before thickens must chickens. Once you understand this darlin you will be smart.

  • This is really something you shouldn't ask a debate website.

    Really, You should be able to figure this out yourself. Without giving any information about yourself (like what's your GPA, How many times have you been held back or sent to Summer School, Etc. ) But for better or for worse, I'll argue both sides. Suppose you're smart. Do you know who Socrates is? Have you read Aristotle? What grade are you in? Are you in College or a College graduate? If I'm making the case for you being smart, Basic knowledge fluctuates, Depending on your level of education. You're not gonna like the flip side, Though. . .

  • If you are a woman. . . .

    Definitely not. Woman by nature are stupid. Darwin proved this. It is a simple fact of life. As Abraham Lincoln and Ghandi both said, Women are stupid, Get her out of here. And as a woman, I know that i am stupid. And only a woman would ask a stupid question like this so you must be a woman so therefore you are dumb

  • Nope, Probably not.

    You're probably not that smart. I mean, I don't know much info about you. Yes, I mainly believe that everyone is smart in at least one way, Whether it be art, Math, Science, Writing, Sports, Music, Or something else. But let's put it this way; if you were so smart, Why would you need to ask?

  • Humans are not smart

    There billions of facts or even more then billions and humans only know a very tiny percentage of the facts. Every human think there smart but really they aren't out of every word they'll think they will know it, And out of every problem they'll even think they will know it.

  • Probably but not genius level.

    A very smart person would not ask if he or she is smart. Turning a phone off and then on might make it seem like you smart person, But it goes more deeper than that. And being surrounded by dumb people might make seem like you are intellectual among men but you could just be average,
    And you can just be overconfident. Overconfident people think they are smart because they listen to their gut and they magically believe they have the right answer. Examples include people who believe the earth is flat because it feels right and because they are smart.
    And they do not follow commence sense" They use rational thinking and logic when dealing with the unknown.
    Too many people use common sense as their excuse. I saw a guy argue with a physics teacher and the student said that using common sense the answer is not right. He could not believe the answer,
    Smart people know what they know and know that they do not know. They know their limits and they learn from their mistakes and they have a curiosity and hunger to learn. They do not seek the praise of people they want answers results and explanations, Very few people are smart and it is not genetic. Smart people just pop out of populations and they are outcasts.

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