America is the best solution for Middle East conflicts in these decades.

Asked by: emmaamshah
  • Democracy is needed in the Middle East.

    The Middle East is too radical for its own good, And to let it fall into the wrong hands, Like Russia or Turkey, Would be disastrous for Europe and America, Unarguably the good guys of recent history (even tho UK and France made the mess in the first place. ) The blind hate America gets is really stupid.

    Posted by: Sob
  • Almost every country in Middle East has conflict to one another

    A responsible strategy of America would focus on minimizing the dangers and costs of engagement by suppressing the most serious threats at the lowest expenditure of resources. This might entail using a select subset of capabilities—special operations forces, Tactical airpower, Support for local forces—to keep the pressure on the most dangerous terrorist groups and prevent them from mounting major external attacks

  • No way in hell!

    America has been involved in so many unnecessary wars it is honestly absurd at this point. They do not bring peace or democracy, Only destruction and more conflict. It is one of the most evil nations who's intelligence agencies fund terror organizations. The USA is responsible for countless human suffering globally. It's leaders literally lie time and time again to invade sovereign nations for some sick agenda! You will pay dearly America, One day!

  • Its been the involvement of foreign nations

    So the government wanted the oil of the middle east. They found a violent person who wanted to control the nation but had no power or weapons. The CIA gave weapons and training to them in exhange for oil exclusivity.

    How would you feel if Russia gave the Black Lives Matter in the USA weapons and training just so that they could buy American beef?

    And then England wanting some USDA prime beef too got involved and funded the Black Panthers and the Aryan Brotherhood.
    So you have different violent factions supported by foreign nations?

    And then Russia and England want to go invade the US because of all of the chaos and violence that they started.

    America being destroyed would be best for the middle east

  • America is bad

    America is run by a bunch of jewish pedophiles with small pepes. They want middle east oil so they stole it and they created islamic terrorist groups in the middle east. They also bomb civilians and kill innocent leaders, Just because Iran choose not to have a jewish central bank.

    America should stop destroying other peoples countries or give funding to terrorist organisations. But they won't because america is evil. And everyone in america is a dumb idiot with a small brain hehe.

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