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Anti-surveillance clothing hits the market: Should the clothing be illegal?

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  • Anti-surveillance is Acting Patriotically and as Dignified Consumer

    We don't need seven cameras and three fake cameras following us at once down every hallway and AI creeps making algorithms of our voices at home. There's such a thing as privacy, And leaving your home doesn't mean you lose all rights to it.

    We have laws prohibiting individuals from being harrassed by other individuals, And it's high time we started recognizing that applies to government and corporate individuals as well.

  • No, anti-surveillance clothing should not be illegal.

    No, anti-surveillance clothing should not be illegal. Surveillance should only be allowed when a judge has given permission to put an individual under surveillance through the use of a search warrant. Otherwise, this surveillance should be considered an illegal search and not be permitted. These rights are enumerated in the Constitution.

  • No, I don`t think so.

    The kind of crimes that we need to really worry about are not those that will be easily identified by a traffic camera. Yeah, it's possible that these clothes will be used in a crime. But then, so are facemasks, sound proof walls, and rubber gloves. The justice system is bloated and already well-equipped to catch people that can't afford to defend themselves and/or are too stupid to buy this.The use in criminal activity will be a non-issue except as a boost to fox news' ratings.
    Research from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, for instance, claims to be able to predict criminality from lip curvature, eye inner corner distance and the so-called nose-mouth angle.

  • No; theclothing does not violate any written law

    Many citizens are becoming extremely concerned about their privacy being violated, and, rightfully so. Making such clothing illegal is just another way to give the government more power. As a taxpayer, you should be able to wear any clothing you wish, without intervention from a higher power. Persons of certain religions are permitted to cover their face; where do you draw the line?

  • It is a good response.

    If a person wants to make technology that recognizes a person's face when she walks by, there is nothing wrong with the person wanting to create technology that blocks the person's ability to do that. A person should be able to walk down the street or go to a public park without being on a camera all the time.

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