• My coworker and I are at a disagreement.

    This article spawned from an incest topic on this website where someone said back rubs are equivalent to sex as a supporting argument. We are both very confused and it is now 3am and we would love some insight (not incest) on this topic. If anyone actually responds to this thanks!

  • Have you ever gotten a back rub or had sex?

    IF you have a back rub fetish, Then sure thing. But for the rest of us, I think it's quite clear. Back rubs include hands, Elbows, Or possibly feet/ other body parts palpating the back, Shoulders, And neck with the intent of achieving relaxation, Bonding, Or comfort. Sex is an act which usually (though certainly not always) involves genitals and more generally is done with the intent of one or multiple parties achieving arousal and hopefully orgasm. I am sure there are people out there who genuinely get off on back rubs! Good for them! But I would gander that 99% of the time, No, Back rubs are not a form of sex. Lol.

  • No its not sex.

    Sex involves sexual actions, Back rubbing is not sexual, And it also involves penetration of some sort. Back rubbing does not include penetration. Back rubbing is simply that, Rubbing someones back. It may be pleasurable, It may be with someone you love, But it isnt sex. It is not penetrating nor is it sexual.

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