• Most cars are very safe, The poeple who drive them are the peoblems. .

    It also depends on the car too and how well it is taken care of. Good cars are equipped with many safety functions and are fine for driving, Although. The major causes of road deaths cause by cars themselves in 2014 was 2. 80%, Deaths caused by weather 5. 30%. The remaining 93. 9% were caused by humans. Speeding, Drink driving and distractions.

  • No because people drive them

    Cars have become a lot safer with seat belts air bags and assistive breaking. The only problem is that people are becoming more reckless. I can be driving in my safe car at the limit and obeying the law but this drunk person could be coming toward me.
    Or this young man that believes he is a speed racer trying to go 100mph. This young girl texting on her phone or doing her makeup late for school or work. Or this PTSD road warrior with a truck and no care for harming anyone.
    Then they want to add an AI that can run me over because they are not perfect and can make mistakes, To this day I drive always aware of those around me. Worst of all are those jay walkers who walk in dimly lit places with very dark clothing. People on bikes who think they own the roads and block my way,

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