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  • Both Equal and cute

    Cats and Dogs are equal because they are both cute and awesome pets. I owned 4 dogs, And 2 cats. There are both the same. Sure you might prefer cats or dogs over the other but that's what you like and that does not make that a fact. Their both equal because there are unique in their own way.

  • Yes cats and dogs are equal!

    Cats and dogs are equal because they are both animals, They are both pets, They are both mammals, They are equal and it makes no sense why not because thay are friendly cool and nice, In friendly words thay should be treated the same, Are made the same and are the same in general.

  • Cats and dogs are equal!

    Cats and dogs are equal. They are both our loving friends, Rather you adore cats or dogs more. Both will cuddle up with you at night and love you. . . Even if a certain meower doesn't show it in a normal way, Both will love you. People will grow a connection with their cat or dog and both should be seen as equal.

  • Dogs are better than cats

    Dogs are better because dogs are friendly and cats eat your face if you try to stroke them. If you stroke a dog then they like it and they feel like they belong whereas cats are hell spawn and they are like the Devil who is a stupid f***ing dickhead

  • Cats have 32 muscles in their ears can you guess why fella? =?

    That is to help them ignore the one they hate in this situation me

    ''say nothing they will blame the dogs''

    ''today we shall kill the dogs tommorov it will be the world''

    ''it WAS Me I was the one that left THE doGs Out ''

    ''cats know how to obtain food without the confinement of love ''

  • No, Dogs are far superior

    They are loyal creatures, Capable of love and able to express it, They can just do so much more than cats, I mean there are guide dogs, Police dogs, Those drug-sniffing ones and they can even be guards not to mention the fact that they are f***ing adorable, What can cats do besides moan and remind you of their pitful existence

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