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  • I love cats

    They're kind of emotional. This isn't the case about dogs! They become friends immediately after you get close to them. My experience with dogs was horrible. They weren't friendly at all. What's more dogs are filthy and smelly. On the contrary cats are clean. You don't have to bathe them all the time.

  • Cats are so better

    Cats are clean, they cost less money, cat owners are less likely to suffer from depression, the sound of a cat's purr can lower your blood pressure and reduce your risk of heart disease, cats are way more furry and cute, they don't need a water towel under their bowl, in the U.S, 82 million pet cats are owned compared to the dogs 71 million. Need I say more?

  • Cats are a best pal.

    I love cats not only because their cute and cuddly, because their are my friend and part of my family. People think cats are lazy lumps. But did you know they sleep in the day and go hunting at night. Which means cats are very excised pets and are awesome. Rock on!!

  • I love them.

    People may think cats are lazy things, but actually they sleep in the day to hunt in the night. I love cats and no one can love cats more than me!!! ROCK ON !!!!! Cats are a wonderful type of pet that you must have.

    More people should love cats.

  • Cats are way better

    Dogs suck, dogs suck, dogs send more people to the hospital each year than sharks. In the U.S., there are 81 million pet cats compared to the dogs 71 million. People with cats are less likely to suffer depression than people with dogs. Cats are so furry and so cute, I don;t see how you can resist cats. Need I say more?

  • Felis silvestris catus.

    For one, cats are clean. You don’t have to run after them with an old rag and clean up because they peed all over the house to mark their territory (typical dog behavior right there). You also don’t have to bathe them, they make sure to go through personal grooming at least once a day. Try bathing them, but don’t whine about the consequences resulting from their claws.

    Second, they eat somewhat more selectively and don’t come begging for tidbits from the dinner table like dogs often do, which is annoying by the way. Therefore they also avoid rotten food, and rarely get sick due to food poisoning.

    Third, if you’re a person who doesn’t like to go out much, you don’t have to walk them daily on a leash! You can simply open the door, these independent friends will know how to pass their time outside and come back when it’s time to eat.

    So, how can anyone not adore these elegant, smart, beautiful creatures? With their keen sense of smell, soft fur, and their large, mysterious eyes? Unless you’re allergic against cat hair of course.

  • Cats are better.

    For one, I've seen the argument in which they say that if you shower a dog, they won't scratch or injure you in any way. Even if cats may injure you if you shower them, you don't need to shower them anyway; they do it themselves. Also, cats use a litterbox and don't require potty training. With dogs, you need to spend ages potty training them, and even then you get the occasional 'accident'.

    Also, cats are smarter. They say that dogs could be emotionally smarter, as in more social, however, that is the same as saying that a preppy, social cheerleader is smarter than a solitary scientist who lived far away from society.

    And no, cats do not hate you. If they did, then why do my cats follow me around everywhere even when the food bowl is full, the water dish is full, and all the doors are open? Why, may I ask, do they rub around your legs and insist on sleeping with you if they didn't care about us at all? Why are they always excited when I open the door and come home? I'll admit that they are less crazy and less loving than dogs, but they don't hate you.

  • Cats are obviously better

    When you have a headache or had a bad day or are stressed out, you can just walk up to your cat, who will either be rubbing your legs because they know you are sad, or sleeping (but they will always have time for you!) and you stuff your face into their fur and they are so warm and cuddly... Also cats are geniuses... And people say "Cats are so mean!" and if you ask them, they'll say it's because of their neighbor's cat who hates them.. But some dogs are mean! I saw a quote actually saying, "Dogs aren't all mean, just a few dogs shouldn't represent all of them." As if it weren't the same with cats! Most are really adorable and love people.

  • There are many reasons why cats are so much better.

    For one, cats will rub against you for hours. It's so cute! And cats need you, there are so many strays on on the street that you could save and love. Cats are much more lovable than dogs and they are the exact thing the world needs to have more love. So, you should consider saving a cat or donating money to animal shelter. Thanks for reading!

  • Cats are better than dogs

    Cats are more playful than dogs, dogs are really anoying because they bark constintly. Cats are more nicier than dogs are because dogs can bit e you and it would hurt. Cats are way more better than dogs are for those reason that cats are better than dogs. Me out

  • Dogs are BETTER!

    I love dogs!! They are so loving,caring and kind. They would do absolutely ANYTHING for you. Once you earn a dogs trust they will love you and care for you forever. I have a toy poodle of my own and let me just say he will do anything beyond his wildest dreams for me. Not that I have anything against cats except.....I went to someone's house and I'm sitting and eating lunch there..Cat just comes up and BITES me and there's a pool of blood right there! I've never ever seen a cat comfort a HUMAN being! People I know try to stick up to cats but it's pathetic because they just say..Uh cats play and they are way more cute! First of all I don't care how my dog would look I love him no matter what. I'm just saying look at all the posts they only reason I've seen is cats are cuter really? And they're less work.. I'd work my but off for something that cares about then do nothing to a lazy grouch that just sits there. Sorry my opinion DOGS RULE, CATS SUCK!

  • Cats are in no way better than dogs!

    I love my cats! Don't get me wrong. But nothing competes with having a loyal hound by my side, protecting and watching out for me. When I was little and I had a bad day, I would start crying. My dog would come over to me and nudge me gently and sit by my side. And when I got in a fight with my brother, my dog would come over and break it up as if to say, "Don't fight!" I love dogs and they love me. All of the cats' love in the world doesn't amount to the love in one dog's heart.

  • Cats are assholes

    They may be smart, but they are so lazy. My cousin has a cat and it literally sits around all day. From what I have seen, it seems like the cat is the boss and the owner just serves them. I don't know, I just dislike cats very much. Dogs on the other hand are not very smart, but it is their baby-like minds and innocence that is adorable. They always want to play and are very entertaining. I am very much a dog lover. They are your companions for life.

  • Dogs are better

    I believe that dogs are better because they enjoy being with you whenever you want them too. In earlier posts people complained about them going through the trash, peeing indoors, barking, chewing on things and biting. These are all signs of a poorly trained, lonely, or bored dog. Yes, they take a lot of time, but they give a lot back. Because of how dogs came about, it is their instinct to please humans, and that makes them trainable. People say dogs are dumb brutes, but Border Collies are among the smarter animals in the world. Dogs can preform jobs (Shepard dogs and sled dogs) in addition to keeping you company. As said before, a dog is always there for you, and they seem to have the uncanny ability to cheer you up by asking you to pet them. Rarely will a cat come up to me when I'm feeling down, but my dog is always cheerful and with me.

    Those are my reasons why dogs are better than cats. I take nothing away from cats, and if I could I'd have both.

  • Dogs are best!

    My sister had a cat when she was in her twenties, that she had had from when she was much younger and she went on a cruise for a two-week holiday only to find that when she returned, not only was her cat gone but two dead birds were left in her garden. She doesn't have a pet anymore but I have two pugs and they are loyal and a man's best friend. All they ever want is some loving attention. Cats want you to house them, feed them and scratch their bellies.

  • Dogs dogs dogs

    Dogs have feelings.. I feel like cats are just a mess you have to clean up after. Dogs actually go out a play ball while cats just prance around the house all day crapping in their litter boxes. Like no, dogs give you attention and love you and cats could care less.

  • Dogs are superior!

    Dogs are definitely better. They've been proven to be smarter, both socially and mentally, dogs are loyal and show empathy towards humans while cats show no real relationship to humans, dogs see humans as their pack leaders, while cats see humans as a food source and nothing more, dog bring human gifts out of affection while cats only give them dead animals because they think they don't hunt enough. Dogs are simply better in every way. By the cat standards of "good" like low maintenance and stink, a Pet Rock would be the ultimate pet.

  • No, but I still love cats:)

    I think dogs are better than cats because most dogs are more friendly and outgoing. Cats are shy and always go outside, and it is very common that they get ran over! Dogs can be trained easily and you can also keep fit by walking them in forests or round the block everyday. You cant really walk a cat! Also, I think dogs are bit more clever too.

  • Dogs are the best pet ever !!!

    The most thing people say is that dogs are a mans best friend. Cats are honestly very lazy and lay a lot of hair. Dogs do a lot more than cats do. Most dogs are very active and love to play around. All cats ever do is lay around and wait for their food to be severed. Most cats don't like people and just hide if they see a human being. I honestly don't even see why people have cats as a pet when they do nothing. My opinion is that dogs are the best,their active,and are more love able to see people.

  • No, dogs are the best.

    Dogs are a man's best friend. They want to be with people as part of their pack. Dogs can go outside and go to the bathroom. Cats are incapable of being potty trained which makes them gross. Cats are also moody and that makes them annoying. Dogs are always happy to be with their family.

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