• I like dogs

    I always go to a dog cafe

    Dooooooogs a c om p a ny me s o I l I k e t h e m s o c u t. E a l s o w h y 4 0 w o r d s!

    I’m a kid

  • Dogs are a mans best friend

    To be honest, my friends would be better than my dog, well if I had one. Friends are really nice but there are times where friends can be mean and hurtful, times where you feel lonely and times where you feel sad and not even your friends can cheer you up that is when the benefits of a dog come in.

  • Of course they are!!!!!!

    They are super loyal and they can bring happiness to us when we play with them! I reall like playing with dogs. It is really happy when we play with them. A scientist had said that our hormone will grow more when we are playing with them, so do their hormone!

  • Dogs are men's best friend

    Dogs are loyal to their owners as long as they treat them well when they were puppies. Some dogs are guard dogs that guard their owner's house and ensures that it does not get robbed when the owners are away for some reason. So they are men's best friend ok

  • Dogs are cute cuddly and playful unlike cats

    The reason why they're cute and cuddly because then you can sleep with that you can play you guys can play a game of soccer or maybe even catch that's why I think a dog is a man's best friend! It's possible for a dog to attack a human but that's rare!

  • Yes, dogs are mans best friend

    Dogs are often thought of as mans best friend because they are very loving and comforting to us. I say mans best friend but I am talking about men and women together. If we are having problems with a person, we can always turn to a dog to comfort us.

  • Dogs are our friends.

    The reason dogs exist is because their ancestors (wolves) were domesticated, and they evolved into their current state. Their breeds were caused by man's domestication. Of course they are our friends! Our friendship caused them to evolve to their current state. Furthermore, they have a lot of love to offer if treated right.

  • Yes, they are!

    I just had surgery, and my dog just wanted to lay down by me. He would not leave my side. He is very loyal, and is always there no matter what happens. My life would not be the same without my dog. His favorite person is my daughter, who he follows everywhere she goes. I am very proud to own my dog, who makes my life better!

  • Dogs can be a man's best friend.

    I think that it definitely depends on the dog, but if you're a dog owner with an incredibly loyal, friendly dog, there's almost nothing better than that. Dogs don't judge you and they can easily make you feel better when you're down. In some ways, they're better than human friends.

  • Of course they are.

    There's no better feeling than coming home to a dog that is ecstatic to see you. No matter what, they are happy to see you and will always love you. They may make mistakes, just like people, but they quickly forget and want to be with you and cuddle with you right away. They always find a way to make people smile. They are more than a friend, they are family.

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  • Dogs are Dumb

    I'm a male
    I'm a male
    Male I am
    Male me
    Me male
    Male am I
    I am not female
    Female not me
    I also like mail
    And pumpkins
    Really at this point the word amount is dumb
    I just want people to know that I think dogs are dumb

  • They are loyal

    They are very gental to babies. They try not to harm anyone. Plus a dog can be a woman's best friend too. I think a dog is a friend to everyone and everything. So now on i wont argue that a dog is a girls best friend. That is all

  • What about cats?

    I don't have any real life friends. I never have. I have no Facebook friends. No Twitter followers. Not even one god damn like on my Instagram page. But after all that, I look to my left, and I still have something. I still have my best friend Fritz sitting right next to me.

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