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  • Feminism = equality

    TERFS, A. K. A. Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists, Are not feminists. They are transphobic misandrists who hate men and don't fight for all women. If your feminism doesn't include everyone, Black, White, Gay, Straight, Muslim, Christian, Trans or not, It's not feminism.

    Feminism is supposed to be about equality. That includes ALL women and ALL men.

  • Feminazis aren't they same as moderate feminists

    They are extremists that give regular feminists a bad name. They don't want equality, They want to reverse the oppression women faced in the past onto men. Where regular moderate feminists actually want equality, For not only relatively minor issues for women in 1st world countries but also for women who are being extremely and unjustly oppressed in places like the middle east.

  • They oppose equality

    These feminazis claim to be about equality, But I don't think dehumanizing transgendered individuals and wanting to dehumanize all men is equality. Patriarchy is indeed a terrible thing, But so is matriarchy, Which is what feminazis advocate for. We can't end discrimination by using counter-discrimination. Only equality drives out discrimination.

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