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  • It is ridiculous to say that humans are different than animals

    Humans are indeed animals. Humans (homo-sapiens) evolved from other primates and developed increased dexterity and sentience. Of course, it is human nature to think ourselves special, or somehow a higher class than "animals". Although it is obviously true that humans are far more intelligent than most other animals, that doesn't mean that we're not animals ourselves. No matter how far we evolve, no matter how superior we become, we will always be animals. It is not a bad thing, or something to resent. We would be lying to ourselves if we didn't classify ourselves as animals.

  • There's no denying it.

    WE ARE 100% ANIMALS! We are no better or more important than a rat. We are primates and our closest relative is the chimpanzee. The people on the no side of the debate (even though this isn't a matter of opinion, it's a FACT!) are probably thinking, "Oh, he's one of those people who thinks God is a whole bunch of madness," but I don't. I am a practicing Catholic, but I can't believe something that simply isn't true. Some people say that the difference, between humans and OTHER animals is that we have souls, but why can't ever other animal have a soul. Some Christian churches even teach that every living organism has a soul (for the people oblivious to the truth they are animals, plants, bacteria, fungi, protozoa and chromista)

  • We are animals. Deal with it

    All life is divided into several kingdoms, plants are one kingdom, animals are another. I'm not sure about the other kingdoms, but biology would place humans in the animal kingdom.
    That isn't to say that we don't have vast differences from other animals, which is why we generally don't refer to us as animals. This is more of a social classification as we clearly are.
    I think it's safe to say that we are the most intelligent and skilled at using tools etc, but we still can't deny that we belong to the animal kingdom. We are quite exceptional, but still just animals.

  • Humans are the worst Animals.

    The majority of humans will agree that we are the smartest living creature. The truth is we really don't know, so why make the assumption? We can get animals to learn our languages, and react to our commands, but we can't do the same. We put ourselves at the top, because we can do all these things we assume animals can't do, never once questioning IF we should do these things. Other animals do not destroy for wealth, kill because they like it, misuse our resources, and slowly kill our planet. Humans see the other animals as less than, but in reality I think they have a better grasp on humanity than we 'humans' do. We are all animals, some are just better than others, and I don't mean humans.

  • We live like animals

    We are animals because we act like them. We reproduce, we eat, we sleep, we work, we do our things, but being intelligent doasn't have anything to do with not being animals . Science says that we are evolved monkeys. And also we are animals because we have our own habitat which are cities and anything which has to do whith being with others

  • To deny what makes us....

    We mighty few on our little blue marble are no different than any other creature that lived and died here, we are and always will be animals every single one, each with its own "Essence" and sentience. To deny what makes us animals is to deny our humanity as a whole.

  • Why are people not humans

    Humans are marsupials. Marsupials are mammals, and mammals are a type of animal. Scientists classify every living thing as animal or plant. Are you a plant? No, you are a animal. Also, if lions or tigers could have communicated, they would have said that they are people and we are animals.

  • Humans are indeed animals

    Humans are animals because both humans and animals can think, make languages to speak to one another, and both can use their brains to figure out problems and find the solutions. The only differences are the physical characteristics to both Humans and animals. Everybody has their own opinion. They have to face the fact that humans are indeed animals

  • Humans are animals. I am an animal.

    According to the bible, evolution never happened and humans have only been around for 10,000 years. We know that is not true. God did not create man in his image. Man created God in his image. Humans have corrupted spirituality to suit their own desires and needs from the very beginning of religion which were also created by humans for control, influence, domination and restriction.

  • Why wouldn't we be?

    What are we if we're not animals? People try to argue that we're smarter than other animals, and therefore we're different, but that point isn't valid unless for some reason you believe that back before humans even existed the smartest living thing wasn't an animal, but a entirely different category altogether. Also we aren't even the smartest animal, unless of course you think that slowly destroying our planet is a smart idea.

    “To my mind, the life of a lamb is no less precious than that of a human being. I should be unwilling to take the life of a lamb for the sake of the human body.” (Gandhi)

  • Humans are Humans!

    God made man in His own image, therefore, anyone who considers humans as animals is also calling God an animal. Humans are male and female beings and not creatures or beasts, as the Bible outlines animals. Insects and larger animals fall under the classification of creatures or beasts. Humans are referred to in the Bible as Man, therefore we cannot be considered animals.

  • No we are not animals!!!!!

    The Word of God states we are created in His image THEREFORE God is not an animal, He created them as well as humans..READ YOUR BIBLE!!!!!! Jesus was born of a WOMAN. Adam was created from the dirt therefore generations after came from WOMAN & MAN. Please read your Bible!

  • Humans aren't animals

    Humans cant be animals because in the bible it says that GOD gave Adam the job of naming the animals. Also the Book doesnt say GOD created animals such as man birds etc. READ YOUR BIBLE. If you have the nerve to count yourself as a position as low as an animal then just go around and call yourself that. Cause i will not call myself a living beast eating my feces,sniffing things,licking my stuff,living in the wild,be a pet, and pick up my turd and throw it at someone.

  • Lets look at this from another point of view.

    I believe we should be looking at the bigger picture right now. Even if you claim that humans ARE animals and its so because of evolution, then... Where did the first of the animals come from? How are we to evolve if there is nothing to evolve from? Yes you may say that us Christians have a hard time believing science and physics and stuff like that but the problem with it is that it HAS to make sense. The so called 'big bang' doesn't really make sense either. If a massive explosion happened, how would there even be life forms on all the planets that are supposedly spread apart by it? However, with God everything is possible. Even the insane and impossible acts can be accomplished by him because..He is God.

  • It depends entirely on how you define an animal.

    In my opinion, humans have everything animals have, body, instincts, senses, social order, memory etc. But we differ in the sense that human world is much more complex. Free will and reason differentiate us from animals, as does, again in my opinion, our culture and civilization that result from our evolved minds. 10 000 years ago we lived in caves and animals lived in caves and meadows and trees. Today, animals live the same way, have the same culture if you exclude human influence, but look at us now. The evolution of our culture is the result of our reason. Then again, you could say that when eagles fly the highest and the cheetahs run the fastest, so too does human culture evolve the furthest. It is simply the specialty of our kind of animals.

    I think our reason, free will, culture and ever advancing civilization make the difference, but if you would say we are simply intellectually the most evolved animals, I would have no arguments against that. As far as I'm concerned, until soul can be scientifically discovered in humans but not in animals, this matter is resolved as semantics.

  • Humans have a thing called science, some animals don't have a thing called common sense.

    Yes, God did make us, and he gave us the right to name all the animals, so we are not animals. Also, we have the ability to tame and take control of the animals, so we cannot be called animals. And isn't it insulting when you hear someone call you an animal?

  • Humans are not animals because of our habits

    Humans are capable of over coming instincts. No animals can do that. Humans can kill animals that are higher on the food chain through logic and invention. We can create complex and abstract structures and we can observe animals so as to categorize them. An animal is incapable of identifying the difference between a squirrel and a rabbit. To the predator they are both food.

  • Who decides on the definition?

    Who decides what animals are and what humans are? People decide yes. Then who created people? Isn't it the same creator that created animals? Shouldn't we first find the creator(s) before we decide who is what... And if animals had the way to decide, what would they say. The fact that some animals have 98% same DNA as people doesn't mean they have common ancestors, it simply means they share the same creator! Lastly, why do we use the word humans when animals is something different?

  • Scientifically speaking we are "super-animals"

    First our usage of animal is actually improper; we use it to describe beasts. This question is a misnomer. The definition of animal excludes us in the second definition. We are above animals/beasts. We take it a step further by saying our spirit or soul. We have the ability to... And that is were you should stop and look at yourself and ask..... Do i really need to continue and if so my effort is wasted. I might as well talk to a dog. We hold potential power to create and destroy anything we can imagine, we govern over all. As the good god book of words says.

    I have thought this question for months. I have concluded that i am not, even if you choose to be. By having the choice, I pray, you have faith in humanity and expect greater things than apathy, crime, and hate.

  • Human beings create 'animal'

    The term 'animal' is verbally constructed by human beings. Only humans can consider and regard themselves as animal. Thus only humans beings themselves can opposed the identification of being an animal. The intelligence of human beings is far more superior than that of other species. Other species do not perceived and interpret reality only human does. Thus human reality do not exist in other species. It does not matter if humans perceived themselves as animals or not there is 'no one' but the human species that would judge the idea.

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