• We already are

    An athlete making millions of dollars is a slave to the team owner. Record labels control music artist. And if a company becomes big and successful its gets secretly bought by a parent company.
    All the television and major foods belong to a few companies.
    If someone works hard and makes their money then they are either bought or bribe or invited to the club.
    And if you try to go independent then they have ways of defaming you or destroying your life and reputation. That is the way things are.
    Uncle Sam is already reading this and if you use facebook or youtube they can build a psychological profile of you.

  • No. They are acting that way though.

    People are behaving as if they are the property of those that rule and oppress them and tell them how to live and how to die. People are living like they are consumers of everything, And they are ruled by those that choose to rule those that choose to be ruled.

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