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  • Yes, I think so .

    Yearly makeup trends can be pretty hit-or-miss. Personally, I was a fan of most of the trends we saw in 2016, and would be totally okay with them carrying over into 2017. Makeup artists can keep track of popular trends in many different ways. Your clients will be happiest with a look that is unique and attractive, but that also keeps up with the latest craze. Staying on top of new trends, or even predicting what will be popular before it catches on, is essential for success.

  • Makeup is not the most important thing in life.

    Make up comes and goes. What is popular with teenagers is not popular with adults. What is popular for wealthy people is not popular for middle income people. There are many more important things to worry about like clean drinking water, international conflict and famine before we start worrying about what people put on their faces.

  • Who is we?

    This is an odd question, because I don't know who "we" is referring to. I don't believe that makeup trends are newsworthy. However, I know that some people would be very interested in this topic, along with other beauty and fashion topics. Therefore, the answer depends on several factors, not the least of which is: who is we?

  • One should not have to worry about makeup trends.

    Makeup trends are not something relevant to keep track of. If your profession does not involve fashion, what could be the purpose of keeping up with these trends? As someone who does not even wear makeup, I could not care less about high fashion makeup trends. Depending on your interests, talents, and career, one does not really need makeup trends to take a major priority in life.

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