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  • M & M's

    Dear Skittles lovers,
    Your love for skittles seem to have corroded your mind into coming up with really lame excuses. A shame really, not only does your supposed 'points' towards why skittles are better don't have any research behind them, but also they are wrong and delusional. Those who say that M&Ms have no flavors are very much wrong. M&Ms have FRUITY CHOCOLATE flavors. Pineapple, raspberry, vanilla and orange just to name a few. Sorry to make all your arguments invalid. But it really is true. Enjoy your half witted, skittles frenzied life. I'm just going to INDULGE myself in the sweet, chocolaty goodness that is M&Ms.

  • M&M'S are better than skittles.

    M&M'S have that nice chocolaty/ peanut or any other flavor in M&M's, where as skittles have that weird chewy taste. Some M&M's might stick to the top of your mouth, which in my opinion are not but ALL skittles to me are sticky. Who likes candy that is not even chewable?

  • M&Ms have a more enjoyable flavor than Skittles.

    In the battle between most candies, M&Ms and Skittles would be fairly low on the list. But when the debate is narrowed down to the two, I have to go with M&Ms. M&Ms have a consistent chocolate flavor and are great in any snack medley. Skittles have a "fruity" flavor that not only doesn't blend, but in my opinion, doesn't work.

  • Oh lord how am I going to get 50 words here

    It's my personal preference - I choose almost any kind of chocolate over almost any kind of sugary/sour sweet. I do like the sweet/sour taste of skittles, and its texture, but I do not love it and I never crave it the way I crave chocolate. Four words to go.

  • Skittles are better

    Skittles are better because they have more flavor than m&ms even though people don't think skittles are good they really juicy. Skittles are colorful, has many flavors and even different kinds.Skittles are sweet. Skittles are more healthy than m&ms and doesn't contain peanuts and offer more varieties so that is my opinion.

  • Skittles have nasty stuff in them.

    I HATE skittle because there's stuff in skittles that shouldn't be in there.Check my link. If you are doing a skittles vs m&ms debate, this is a good evidence to use. If you use this you can act like a nerd. ( mabe you can win girls too) YAY


  • I LOVE M&Ms!!!!!!

    M&Ms are life! They are the meaning of life! I love M&Ms! They even have their own rapper ( Eminem). Do Skittles have their own rapper? I didn't think so. Who wants to taste the rainbow if the rainbow tastes like sugary shart? So that's it! M&Ms give my life meaning, therefore Skittles can suck it!

  • Yes they are

    M&M are so much better then skittles because of the texture, the chocolate, and that skittles are to sweet. They really need to make different skittles. They do, but they are the same. M&M have peanut butter and regular and the peanuts. Skittles are not made of real fruit. That's a lie. M&M are awseome

  • M&Ms are, without a doubt, better than skittles.

    M&Ms are chocolate. I am a chocoholic. Enough said. But really, M&Ms taste SO much better than skittles. Skittles are weirdly chewy and stick in your teeth, which has actually been proved to show that it causes more cavities. M&Ms are all chocolate covered in sugar. It's heaven and bliss all in one.

  • M&m's have chocolate, i love chocolate and i will till the end of eternity. (OPINION)

    The first time i tried a skittle, it was way to sour and i never ate a skittle again. I ate that skittle when i was pretty young, so maybe my tatse buds have changed by now, but i far as i know. I don't like skittles one little bit. (OPINION)

  • M&M's are boring

    Skittles have way more flavor and come in different flavors too. You eat chocolate when you are depressed and they make you more sad. Skittles are for happy people that want to be happy and people that are sad should not eat skittles from the pure awesome happiness it gives people!

  • As a skittle scholar, I support skittles.

    I researched the original skittles extensively. I'm not talking about the sour skittles or whatever, which are imitations of the real thing. I'm talking about the original skittles, the ones made by Leprechauns in underground factories in Ireland.

    I have ranked them in order of deliciousness:

    And found that a color was missing: The Blue Skittle™. Following the pattern above, this skittle could only be placed on either two edges of the rank scale:

    Which could mean one of two things:
    1) The Blue Skittle™ is the most amazing skittle ever.
    2) The Blue Skittle™ is disgusting.

    However, after studying numerous historical scripts, folk tales and cat memes, I have deduced that the Blue Skittle™ is actually the mythical Volatile Skittle™ (found as Violetile in some texts), the Skittle which assumes the taste of a person's soul. Therefore, a pure person will taste the ambrosia of the gods, but a wicked person will only wish he ate crap instead.

  • M&M's are chocolate and so is every other candy but skittles give you a break from all of that chocolate.

    Also all of the M&M's taste the same no matter what color, but with skittles they all taste different according to their color, and with skittles they also have a sour kind. And lastly skittles have a slogan " Taste the rainbow. " Witch is creative unlike M&M's that's all.

  • No, you have to taste the rainbow!

    M&Ms only taste like chocolate but skittles you taste all the fruity flavors. Skittles are more unique than m&ms because there is not another type of candy like it. How many types of chocolate are there?! Skittles are more colorful inside and out. Skittles also have almost every type of fruit because of the dark and sour varieties. M&ms are just chocolate.

  • Taste the rainbow

    Don't get me wrong I do like M&Ms but there not my Favorite candy. But I prefer skittles over m&ms. About January last year i stopped eating skittles then when i went back to school in the fall a friend offered me skittles i soon got addicted and was buying a medium package everyday for 2 weeks but since then i have skittles often and i am not still like a drug addict with skittles when my girl friend told me she would leave me i kept acting like skittles were my life.

  • There is no competition

    M&Ms have no variety. You would get bored of the taste after eating them for a while. Skittles come in multiple flavors, and they last longer in your mouth. They don't melt in your pocket, either. Maybe it's just a personal preference, but I really prefer fruity stuff over chocolate.

  • Its all about variety.

    In a skittles bag, you can either choose one skittle after another and have an always changing flavor, or you can choose all five flavors at once, which really does taste like a rainbow, unlike m&m bags, where all m&m's are the same flavor. Also, only cold m&m's taste good, as where a skittle always tastes good. Also, that sweet juice that comes from a skittle tastes much better than the melted chocolate from an m&m.

  • Yolo svf sdf f

    Know if M&Ms actually have a slogan. Seriously, only the best foods get cool slogans.

    Also, Skittles have a variety of flavors in each packet. To get different M&M flavors, you have to buy another M&M packet, of a different type. So Skittles win in the variety category too.

    At most local shops in my area, Skittles are cheaper than M&Ms. I can get more for less money. Which is obviously a good thing. Skittles win here as well.

    In fact, the only thing that M&Ms are better at is being chocolate-y. Big woop. There are better chocolate brands out there

  • Skittles all the way!

    Skittles are sexy. They remind me of myself; fruity, fun, and delicious. Okay, okay! But seriously, skittles are much tastier. They have different flavors instead of them all tasting like chocolate. You can get mediocre chocolate anywhere! Skittles are actually unique! Skittles are also safe for people with nut allergies, which is really helpful. Yay skittles!

  • Skittles are the best even though I love chocolate

    A addicted chocoholic myself, I still find skittles way more delicious.The nutty flavour of M&Ms just put me off. Skittles are fruity and bursting with the flavours of the rainbow. Therefore, skittles are just much better than M&Ms , hands down. I feel that there is a variety of so much more skittles than there are M&Ms.

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