Are mass shootings worthy of national attention?

Asked by: BlackAvenger222
  • Then stop watching the news and reading the articles.

    Oh no I turned on the TV and there are scantily clad women. What am I going to do? Just change the channel or turn the TV off. Stop watching it if you can't stand it.

    I for one want to know the news. Increases of mass shooting? Better invest in gun company stocks. Who was the shooter? I want to train myself so I can spot crazy people or warning signs of a crazy person.

    And trump sure likes using it. He had to scour the news to find the perfect illegal immigrant murderer story and he would not shut up about it.
    Breaking news! White women killed in San Francisco Sanctuary city because of an illegal.
    Upon further inspection the illegal immigrant found an attendant police gun and fired the gun but he was not aiming at people. It ricochet off and in a by unlucky chance hit the women in the neck.

    Trump has all the right to repeat the story just as white people get off in reading about black crimes. Just stop reading the news, Or go watch children's television if you are too weak to read the news,

  • Nobody's death should ever be used as a political tool.

    If you're going to support gun control, I don't agree with you, But it's fine as long as you aren't only affected by gun deaths that are from mass shootings. The left has always used mass shootings as an excuse for gun control, Which is why gun control support only goes up whenever there's a mass shooting.

  • Let The Church Say, "You'll Never Get Rid of the Things, Anyway"!

    . . . So, Outside of the 24/7/366 in Leap Year newscycle, What purpose does it serve? Like the home in wherever that recently burned down. 7 human persons gone, But, Hey. Was that REALLY worth dotcom headlines? More than 7 persons died during the time it took also-ran journalist to hammer out the Who Cares article! Now, By me, Life serves no purpose and is worth nothing. . . But as Lose the Beto will never, EVER have his arm-flinging way without a fragmentation of the very nation through guerrilla warfare (and granted, That'd be headline-worthy), Then who Does care? To quote-cha Vonnegut, "Things die. All things die. " So, No. Now, You wipe out a hunk of the Leftist West Coast with a Kim Jong BOOM? You've got my attention.

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