• Rhetorical question here.

    Clearly men are superior to women. Physiologically and intellectually. Any argument to the the contrary is unintelligible.

    I'm not saying that women don't contribute to society. Women offer men pleasure. Women carry our children. Women's greatest purpose is to give support to a man so that he may better carry out his work. In this way, women contribute to society immeasurably. This might be difficult for some of you to understand, however this is simply evolution.

    Men have created a system that stresses these concepts, and have done so with logical reasoning. This is merely the system by which humanity will best achieve greatness. We have recognized this since the beginning of time. Your feelings are of little significance. Open your eyes and consider how humanity as a whole operates. There are things of greater import to humanity. How will we ensure the survival of our race? How will we become a player on the intergalactic stage? Are we too late? These are questions that for the most part, only men possess the intellectual capacity to consider. If and until women develop said intellectual capability, you will serve in whatever capacity we deem is best fit for the continuance of humanity.

    For the time being you will serve in the purpose you have been evolutionarily designed for; you will bear our children and provide comfort while we seek the answers to these questions.

  • I Am A Woman and I Agree

    Men are stronger and more rational in situations. Women tend to think with emotion and heart, but not head. I am a woman and know I am inferior to my husband in every way. We were created to be the caregivers and not the providers. I, for one, know I would be worse off if not for my husband. Divorce rates are higher since women declared their independence. There cannot be two captains of a ship and I am happy to embrace my role. I do as I am told and we have a happy home because of it. Men were designed to be physically and mentally superior. Period. I have embraced my role happily.

  • Strength, power, history

    First men have better bodies. They have more strength and will. You can argue with this when a woman joins SEAL team six. Second, men have written history. And they were needed to write it. Alexander the great: man. Caesar: man. Pope: man. George Washington: man. Tell me next time a woman creates a country. As far as history goes women only tend to bring down great men. Tiger Woods and Bill Clinton not to mention General Petraeus are some good recent examples. Next: war is necessary. It decides who the greater country is, and made the world what it is today. Who fights wars? For the most part men. No disrespect to today's servicewomen, but for the most part guys take care of the tough stuff. Men also lead wars; name me a women who led a war and won it. Also men can't get pregnant nor do they have a period. Men do the heavy lifting. Men built this country and every building on it. Men bring in the household income a lot of the time. Men don't have to wear crap on their faces to make the opposite sex attracted to them. Humans are often referred to as mankind. Men are focused on the important things in life like providing for the family and keeping them safe. Men created the computer, car, plane, electricity and most other important things. If this is not enough evidence i could provide much more, but it is enough evidence you ignorant feminists.

  • Yes

    We are superior mentally and physically. Without men the women can not survive. But men can survive without women. Yes I know technically they can't because of birth but you know what I mean. Men can build houses, hospitals, schools, cars etc. We can farm and do all the manual labor. Women can not. Anytime you see a brick it's there because a man put it there. Who built that computer you're on right now? Who built that building or house you're in right now? Who built that car that car, bus, boat, or train that gets you to where you need to be? MEN, women can not do the things men do because they're inferior. Call me a sexist I don't care because everyone knows it's true. Everything I said can not be argued with. Why do you think the man wears the pants in the relationship? Why is the man the dominant one?

  • Man are complete human being

    Man are not selfish like woman. Womens are practical and calculating. Man can waste his time without thinking about benefits as long as he enjoys it. Man got imagination level like nothing in this world. Man created all the religion to give reason why we are here even it is not practical. Man is the anchor of human being. Women are just a extended feature of men to reproduce. Because of physical abilities a man's thinking level is incomparable to any other being. For ages man has showed features of great human being by forgiving, kindness, generosity, so on. Because of education woman may think they are equal to man but it is not the education which creates true human beings but selflessness.

  • Men are definitely better in every aspect.

    Because in my life time I was always had the most to offer to women while a woman always sat and complained. Overall we have testosterone, don't have to worry about having kids, we are the ones who "give it" not take it. We are more logical, strong, and less emotional.

  • Incredibly obvious duh

    Men are more physically and mentally capable than women in almost every aspect. Watch the olympics and compare women world records to men world records, it's hilarious. Consider the people in history who are considered the most intelligent people who ever lived, 95 out of 100 of them are going to be men.

  • Men are made authority in in this world

    God created Man to decorate this world and for his support all other creature were created and he is to take care of them. Women are one of the supporter. So Men are always superior. All the changes made in this world is by men. All the inventions, discoveries and daring work is done by men.

  • It's merely biological

    1. Men are naturally physically dominant over women. (In emergency situations woman will get left in the dust.)
    2. Men can pee standing up. (Helps in on-the-go situations, toilet not necessary.)
    3. Men can't get pregnant and do not have to go through labor.
    4. The world still demands physical work, focus, and problem solving, something men can do better than women.

  • Here me out.

    This answer depends on how one interprets the question. For example, the answer would be "no" if this means:
    "Are men better than women at giving birth?" for obvious reasons. But what is it saying? I'll assume it means - "naturally" and base it off the assumption.

    Naturally, men are better physically, at the least. Men are designed to run, hunt, gather, track, kill, etc... Women are designed to carry children and be "helpers"; from a pure evolutionary perspective. This is not unique to humans, indeed, it is found in almost every species of mammal. It makes sense in evolutionary terms, too.

    On intelligence, it depends on one's environment more than physical prowess. You have a certain amount of natural intellect, but it needs to be nurtured for it to be any good. Education is required to prepare the brain more than to prepare the body. That is why we have more "thinking" subjects than "doing" subjects.

    So, physically men are born better.
    Mentally, it depends, but I'd imagine a bias in one gender. Not sure which and I won't guess.

    Now, this doesn't mean that women deserve any less respect than men; I should hope no one ever even conceived this idea. This also doesn't mean that all women will lose in running races against men. With enough training, a women could beat almost anyone. But *naturally*, from a pure evolutionary standpoint, men are "better".

  • Better at what?

    By a certain definition of 'better', men *could* be stated to be better than women; this definition ignores basic psychology and the outstanding lack of *fundamental* differences between the genders, and says that men are and always have been treated better than women, and thus are. This is incorrect. One's biological gender has little influence on who one actually *is* as an individual; and then that difference is only a result of hormonal variations acting on the brain, and enforced cultural differences to reinforce those variations. Aside from basic physiology, and minor psychological differences that can be pinpointed to hormonal and cultural factors, there simply aren't any *fundamental* differences that one could point to that say women are entirely different from men. Let's use an equation; A=male, B=female, C=human. If both A=C and B=C, does A=B? It is incorrect from a biological point of view, but it only follows logically and psychologically that, regardless of whether or not A *IS* B, they still equate to the same thing.
    So no, men cannot be logically said to be 'better' than women.

  • Women are smarter. We can live without men while men can't live without women. We sin less. We're genetically superior. Do you want more?

    Women have higher IQs, are better managers, save more money in the long term, and cost insurance companies less because we make better and more careful decisions. There have been many societies in which women lived alone, but not many in which men lived alone. In this day and age, we could eliminate men completely and still have babies. Men are more prone to anger. They hit more, rape more, and kill more. The worst societies in the world were the most heavily patriarchal. And yes, there have been matriarchal societies, but the patriarchal societies killed them all. Think that means men are somehow more superior? Think again. In which one of these societies were the men happy? They pretended to be happy, sure. But power-hungry savages can never be happy, and those who weren't power-hungry were discriminated against. Women have two X chromosomes while men have one X and a Y which codes for nothing. This is why men are more prone to diseases like Hemophilia. It's also why women live longer. Any more questions?

  • What kind of question is this?

    Of course not. A man and a women both have their differences and each have their advantages over the other sex. Women have a higher pain threshold than man (obviously for pregnancy), they can communicate better, he two sections in the brain which are responsible for language have been found to be significantly larger in women than in men, women have a larger deep limbic system than men, meaning they feel emotion more.
    Whereas men typically, men’s brains are 11-12% bigger than women’s brains, this difference in size has absolutely nothing to do with intelligence, but it helps control their bigger physical physique, an area in the brain called the inferior-parietal lobule (IPL) is typically significantly larger in men, especially on the left side, than in women.

  • Actually, women are better than men!

    Scientific research says that women are cleverer than men! Also, the average female lives 5 or 10 years more than a man. Most of the faces you see on TV that have done something wrong are more likely to be male faces.
    Supporting fact one, women are more likely to graduate because of application numbers.
    Supporting fact two, men drink more alcohol and sleep later.
    Supporting fact three, have a look on the news tonight and you will see a man's face in a crime situation.

  • Men are weak

    Emotionally they're not very deep, ignorant even. Physically, when they get ill, you never hear the end of it. Mentally, they are just plain angry whenever they don't get what they want. Most of the time, they're full of testosterone and have no will to do housework because they think women should do it for them all the time. In terms of common sense, I have never encountered one with a decent amount of it. They also very shy of looking after children/ changing nappies and if they could, they're please only themselves, play video games all day and think of no one else.

    If women had the same opportunities as men have had all these years, we would have achieved a much better society.

  • Women are superior.

    If it weren't for woman this world would die. Who gives life; women. I'm not saying that men take no part in it but men don't have to carry a 3 pound baby in their stomachs for 9 months. This shows that women can take more pain than men. You lot say that men are superior it is not true. Women may not have built anything but they are a lot smarter. The youngest professor is a women. Also women have taken part in building houses cars. They might have designed it.

  • The number of misogynistic people on this opinion page is frankly quite disturbing.

    Are there really that many idiots out there that believe that women are just cleaning, cooking, sex robots who take care of children? Excuse me, I am nobody's mother, maid, or chef, and I never will be. Anyone who thinks that men are better than women come from stone-age principles. I wish the best of luck to sexist men at getting a girlfriend.

  • I am male...

    And I say that the different genders are more or less equal to each other. (If not the females are dominant, even though the males are physically stronger) The reason why males are viewed as better is for that one fact. Humans (and I wish I could underline that) have male leaders because they are stronger and more suited for hunting during the early stages of our evolution. This "superiority" has been carried down through the generations to today and has made men be thought of as dominant. Many creatures on the other hand have female leaders like lions. (I'll use lions as an example.) Lions have the faster more agile females hunt while the male lions "babysit" and protect the proud. (That's the king of the jungle is a stay at home dad.) Lions do this because it makes sense not because the females are superior. (Also this is a stupid way to phrase the question because it's "are males better" when it should be "which gender is better". Even people like me who think they are mostly neutral will take this side.)

  • Do I really need to explain?

    A woman can wield a gun, have the same muscle tissue and raw power, be just as smart and manage money as good as a man can. But guys can't birth children. They don't have pains every 28 months, they wouldn't be able to endure it. Men's place is in the kitchen, to chop wood, build houses, provide raw power. Women's job is to administrate that power, make sure everything is good and thank him for what he does. If she deems he did a good job, then she rewards him with sex. And that's about it. I know it sounds like slavery. But belive it or not, that's how the world should be. It has been under patriarchy for 3000 years. Let matriarchy come and then you'll see.

  • How about no.

    Why would a man be better than woman? Of course it is "better" to be a man in any society on the Earth--which has been the case for several thousands of years. Men would only be considered better because they have more advantages. Honestly, what can a man do that a woman can't? Are they more smart? No, it's just that women's views and intelligence aren't taken seriously in a professional setting. There are so many things corrupted in the average man's mind that I wouldn't be surprise if someone argued that women are just better people.

    Posted by: bete

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lilcheerleader2001 says2013-03-06T15:56:16.947
I think this subject was a good subject to put out there.
Anonymous says2013-04-02T11:29:24.517
I'm a girl and I believe that men are superior to women. They are dominant to women and women should just accept that and submit. Us women should not only submit to men, but do it willingly. For example, I'd be perfectly fine scrubbing the floor while my husband relaxed on the couch doing nothing. Men are superior and deserve complete obedience from women.
Anonymous says2013-05-29T10:00:24.133
Oh and by the way in the midst of all this pathetic hate and bickering and "revenge" seeking, at least for this particular "debate", who are the two most important people in your lives that are both a man and woman.....Hmm....... Your parents.... So by saying that men are better or weaker and by saying that woman are better or weaker your saying that either a man or woman is weaker, thus you are saying that your parents are weak and its as if you are almost "hating" on your parents...... Think about that will you continue to rant on about this ridiculous nonsense!
Anonymous says2013-06-03T04:59:42.863
It was good to put out there, it's just that it breaks my heart to see that some men don't think that we can be strong......
Which is why we HAVE to prove to some men that girls and women are strong to! We can get better at sports! See, this is why Girl Scouts was made! To prove that girls can make a difference! So that the girls in Girl Scouts know to that no matter what someone says , they can rise up and be who they want to be!
Quan says2013-06-13T18:59:05.417
They (at least traditionally) have equally important, but different roles in society. Neither is overall superior.
emam813 says2013-08-31T03:14:33.810
Men have been protecting women for ages now you women implying you are equal or better at man's task
Bruinshockeyfan says2013-10-05T13:58:28.917
Longline, here
Imjustdebatinghere says2013-11-21T03:17:57.287
One more comment about women being better, then by lord will i actually remotely believe these stereotypes about those women who hate men.
hdjsHS says2013-12-18T21:44:38.933
Shebeepup says2013-12-30T09:38:05.717
Men are not better then women and women are not better then men. Yes, there are things that men may do better than women or that women may do better than men, but we're all just genders of the same species and we are not defined by these genders. Is a man better than a women simply because he was born with a penis instead of a vagina? If you believe this then I am sorry for you. Males are only seen as better because we live in a male dominated world. If we lived in a female dominated world than females would be seen as better but in the end no gender is better than the other.
livkebab says2014-03-19T11:21:44.867
It just seems obvious to me, given that we (women) make up more than half of the population but hold exponentially less of the world's power, that we are simply inferior to men and should learn to accept that.
Qweed says2014-04-22T08:52:37.413
When has a woman contributed significantly to society? Think of all the greatest minds in the world.All men.Who made tampons.A man.Women live to pleasure men and care for children.

I am 12 years old.I am the smartest child in my year.I am in a class with no girls.Why? None of the them were intelligent enough.

Men are superior.
Turq says2014-06-23T00:16:54.093
My theory is that the reason there is such a high amount of "yes" votes is because of 12 year olds like Qweef down there at the bottom of the page. >:I 12 year olds, get off the grown-ups discussion board! We know you think girls are yucky, go away.
reality300 says2015-01-29T22:49:55.280
Better in what? Ok here's a list
Sports - man
War - man
Hunting - man
Agricultural - man
Chef/cook - man, but mums cooking isthe best
Construction/ technical/ mechanical - man
Health care- I'll give this to the ladies but in some areas are man
Sailing - man
Teaching - man and women. Women teachers their children
Relationship - both can be better or worse
Sex - man.
Religious - women have spiritual Understandings
Cultural - both, majority of them a man running the show. Thats in my culture of course. For those of you with no culture. Please do not debate on this.
Studies - both, due to education and the rise of women in college
Labour - man
Dressings/ grooming appearance - women.
Work fields - depends on the job
Intelligence - both Personal
The list goes on and both plays important roles in society. To say one is better than the other is just playing nonsense. No gender is better alone but together they can achieve great things. Conclusion, women can't do everthing a man can and that applys for the man aswel
Shaggy9866 says2015-05-18T08:50:37.383
I am a man and I am quite emotional (no I'm not gay) and I have been shot 9 times and not once did I cry so I'm just as equal as a woman get over it and face it men and women are just as equal E.G women=50%, men=50%(50+50=100) so we all are 100% together, a man without a woman is only a 50% and a woman without a man is only 50% and one more thing for you all to think about I'm a 15 year old boy and I see men and women boys and girls as equals, how old are all you?

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