• Celebrities become famous for music.

    The reason why musicians become very famous for our society is because they help bring enjoyment.
    Music is like telling a story: As the music goes on, And dynamics change, Listeners can picture a story going on, Like when loud music goes, You can picture it like a war scene where the hero has to survive in his toughest moment of life. Music, Along with poetry, Is like art and language mixed together. If we learn poetry in school, We should definitely learn music.
    Music helps improve a person's brain and health in many different ways.
    First, It helps improve memory, Especially when it comes to all the details, And certainly when it comes to performing in concerts. Music, Unlike video games (in which people believe video gaming is important), Has lots of detail and is healthy. Musics can test your speed, Eye coordination, And posture, As many instruments require a very precise body and hand gesture.
    Music reduces the amount of stress needed to put on tests, And can give us joy and action.
    This is why there are lots of private music lessons, And that's why music is awesome!

  • Yes music is impotant

    Yes, Music is important without music people will not sense emotion or get help with grief. Music can help everyone so every one listen to music so you can be happy or cope with grief whatever it is you should listen to music to be happy and have some fun

  • Music is important.

    Music is a way of expressing ones feelings. Music is art, The art that calms people or hypes them. The people all listen to music even if it's with no words. Music helps a lot of us people do things and aslo even have fun with others. Music is life.

  • Very much so

    Music is a very expressive method for our souls, Emotions and even spirituality, There is a lot of power in making and receiving melody with words that can touch our hearts and the hearts of others. Infact songs are one of the greatest ways we can express a difficulty or a desire to others that perhaps opens them where just normal speech or actions cannot quite give the clearest of meaning.

  • Yes It Is Important For Our Life

    As Listening To Music Entertains Us And Are Time Passes Instead Of Getting Bored All The Time. It Brings Us Some Joy And We Forget All Our Tension While Listening To It. It Can Make Our Soul Clear And We Can Get Some Knowledge About The Musics. Overall Musics Are The Best.

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