Are photos featuring "sexy" poses by women and men dressed in skimpy/no clothing necessary for successful clothing marketing?

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  • These ones are sheer useless

    What is clothes for? For protection against the harsh weather. Wearing that with a lot of flesh exposing means that they wouldn't last a minute in the cold. I'd like to see the pictures of a mother feeding her baby and a man climbing the mountain, Or HOW ABOUT HOW THE CLOTHES ARE INTENDED TO BE USED? These are not how clothes are supposed to be used, Just like condoms are not supposed to carry a planeful of goods, And phones are not to be thrown into the trashcan.

  • I don't want to have to run into these kinds of provocative photos when I go into a clothing store

    Not a crazy feminist or anything, But is the marketing of sexualized people necessary in clothing stores? This applies to women as well as men! These models are seen by the younger generation, Which exposes the innocent (and not so innocent) to sex-related things aka porn. While these models in and of themselves are not sinful, They are the lighter-version of what I mentioned before. Plus, These men and women are being sexualized by many of their viewers---NOT GOOD

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