• Pitbulls are more aggressive, But proper training and care must be practiced for them to be good pets

    90% of the time you see those reports of people being mauled by pitbulls you can see they are not being trained for properly.

    -negative reinforcement (hitting)
    -brushing off insistent barks/aggressive behavior
    -not attending formal training class
    -not acclimating dogs to different types of people (locking them outside when guests are over)

    While a pitbull can be a dangerous breed, I believe that they can still make good pets when a responsible owner is caring for them

  • Pitbulls were bread for humans

    If anyone with an opinion would do a little research, They would learn that pitbulls were bread for humans. Multiple breeds were combined to create the pitbull. And when they would attack a human, They and their offspring were euthanized. Maybe if their weren't so many barbaric people like Mike Vick who mistreat thease animals and ruin their reputation. I have owned multiple pitts and will say, I have never seen a more personable and loyal dog. Its really the only breed that will protect your family with intelligence.

  • Very helpful pets

    My house used to be infested with babies. If i ever wanted to go into a room or open the fridge, Id see nothing but a bunch of pesky babies everywhere! The one of my friend recommended i get a pit bull, And my life was never better after i got one! It only took a few hours, And my pit bull ate all the babies, No questions asked! Now when i enter a room, All i see is the room itself. For some reason, I seem to be getting in civil court much more that i usually do, But that's probably unrelated. In conclusion, Get a pit bull for any of your baby infestation needs!

  • Yes IF you don't raise them to be mean

    Pit bulls are merely known for their reputation: aggressive, Mean, Etc. Not all Pits are that way. If you have a baby pit bull at birth and raise it to be nice and sweet and loving then it will be nice just as other dog breeds are. It all depends on how you raise them. Some people like to raise pit bulls to be mean just because they are pit bulls. On the flip side, They can be naturally protective of their owner if they see someone that's bad, Like a robber or intruder so that's a good thing. But in closing: It just all depends how the owner makes them. Nice or mean.

  • Depends on the pit

    Just like in people it depends on the pitbulls genetics training and nurturing I’ve met quite a few lovable pit bulls very peaceful and quiet if it’s trained towards aggressive behavior it will behave that way just as people that have been abused tend to be aggressive and hostile dangerous creatures

  • Yes because its the way you train the pit bull and how much attention you show him/her

    Also it depends the way you train him/her and if you keep it in a cage because my grandmas dog got a little aggressive because they kept him in a cage and with a mussel on and showed him no attention but when I take the mussel off and out of the cage and play with him he calms down and is really nice

  • Pitbulls are by nature no more or less aggressive than any other breed.

    Having done over 15 years of dog training, Including AKC up to advanced, Basic schutzhund, K9 search and rescue, And others, I have seen a wide range of dog personalities. In no case where I did not suspect neurological issues did I see an animal that could not be trained, And even in difficult cases, The issue was the owner's lack of familiarity with socialization methods, Training methods, And/or communication approaches. With dogs, It is rarely the case of the dog being the issue (neurodefects being the rare case). It is almost always the owner.

  • Not by the stories I've heard

    I've heard three stories of pit bulls attacking people and that makes me very wary of them. The first involved a boy who was attacked by three pit bulls while riding his bike, He needed surgery to repair his injuries. The second occurred in Virginia where a woman was mauled by her two pet pit bulls. And in the most recent story, A toddler in Philadelphia was attacked by his family's five pit bulls. You put that many pit bulls together, The pack mentality kicks in.

  • Pit bulls love the taste of child flesh

    The sweet taste of human is the main driving factor in pit bulls lives. They will cross mountains or oceans to get their grubby paws on humans. I don't use a knife when a screw driver is needed. And I don't use an assault animal when I am looking for a pet.

  • Pitbulls have no place in society

    Pitbulls are dangerous fighting dogs, They've been bred that way for over a century. Everyone thinks they have a great pitbull, Until the day they don't. It's foolish to think that breed history and selective breeding have no impact on these dogs, It does. It's also foolish to say they're like any other dog, They aren't. Pitbulls are dangerous.

  • Pit Bulls are dangerous

    Pit bulls were never bred to be kept as pets, They were made to be fighting dogs. They're unpredictable, Game, Strong, And willing to fight to the death. Training cannot undo genetics, Nor can love. Most pit bull owners refuse to acknowledge this or the dangers of pit bulls, Thus endanger the entire community they're in. Pit bulls should be banned.

  • The trouble is.

    The sort of people that desire to own this sort of dog tend not to be the most sensible or most responsible of citizens.
    Pit bulls are bred essentially to enhance aggressive characteristics. Therefore a potentially aggressive dog coupled with a person of questionable character is never going to be a trustworthy combination.
    These are a generalizations and I am sure that there are many exceptions and possible variations to these situations. Nonetheless I would suggest that it was far more prudent to own a potentially less aggressive breed of dog.

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