Are Rick Riordan's books better than J. K Rowlings

Asked by: lesibianpotato
  • I relate to Percy and friends more

    Now I'm just talking about the books here. So don't bring up movies/musicals. Since Riordan wrote his characters from real life they act more human. Percy is a kid who got caught up in some crazy gods v. S whatever without a choice so he acts like most of us would. I also like his style and his characters more. Rick Riordan actually wrote LGBTQ+ characters in his books

  • Umm heck no

    This is my first post lol. I have to disagree. While the Percy Jackson books may be more relateable, Harry Potter is written much better (plot and grammar usage). I'm not a writer, Not even close, But having read both, Harry Potter's resolution is extremely satisfying (not saying Percy Jackson's isn't). The last book explains every mystery the reader has and I could tell that the whole series was planned head to toe.
    Both of these authors fall into the "all inclusive" act, Where they just make people gay/black/trans just for the sake of it. In the first PJ series, No one was gay; no one was lesbian; there was no diversity, And for good reason. These kind of people were not the "norm" when the book was written, And though I do appreciate including LGBTQ characters in the next books, It will always seem like the author was jumping on the band wagon. HP was better in this, As there is only one series and it was consistent in its diversity.

    The PJ books are now cash grabs. They are still good, But cash grabs nonetheless. Maybe cash grab is a strong word. There was obvious effort put into them, But everything after the first one/two series is unnecessary. Harry Potter was planned, Again, Only to have the necessary books needed. (cursed child was unnecessary, And you can see how that went.

    So yeah. Harry Potter is much better. Thank you for my ted talk


  • Harry Freakin Potter

    Harry Potter is one of the best book series ever. Facts. I believe that Rick Riordan's books are some of the best out there, No arguing with that, But Harry Potter has inspired many books, Movies, And T. V shows. J. K Rowlings may have made everyone gay, But if those damn books were a person, I'd go gay for that shit.

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