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  • They are hand crafted.

    Yes, Rolls-Royces are priced fairly, because so much work goes into them and all the details. For a Rolls Royce, everything is done by hand. Even the stitching on the seats is done by hand. For that much work, you cannot begrudge the company for setting a very high price for a Rolls Royce.

  • Yes, the Rolls-Royce is a status symbol.

    Yes, the Rolls-Royce is priced fairly. This car has become a status symbol, and driving one is the sign of wealth and success. If it was a lower price, it would not be as popular in today's culture. As long as there is a market for this vehicle and buyers available, it is priced reasonably.

  • For those who can afford them, yes

    Yes, Rolls-Royces are priced fairly. In reality for those that are capable of purchasing a Rolls-Royce, they are price fairly. All cars are not designed to be for everyone. Some of us have to settle for regular cars for regular people. If you have to ask the price of a car then you most likely can not afford and if you are whinning about the price, then the same goes for you.

  • No, they are too expensive.

    Rolls royces are not priced fairly at all. They are extraordinarily expensive for what is basically just a fancier looking Lincoln. And fancier looking doesn't mean they aren't ugly; they are ugly; in fact, they are probably the most hideous cars I have ever laid my eyes on. Too pricey.

  • No, Rolls-Royces are not priced fairly.

    I do not believe that Roll-Royces are priced fairly. I think that they are way to expensive of a car. But the company has been able to sell their cars become some people seem to think that the cars are worth the price. And if Roll Royce can seel their cars at that price, it should be their choice.

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