• What about the rest of our life?

    We are sent away to school for 8 hours every single day save for weekends and the occasional teacher planning day to go listen to teachers talk, Do excessive amounts of worksheets, Eat some slop from the cafeteria, And we don't even have time to do our own thing when we get home-We have a heaping pile of homework that could easily take from the time we step off the school bus to the time dinner's ready. We barely get to see our families. What about them? Do they stop being important the second we step on the school bus for the first time?

  • Makes no sense

    I think that students already get alot to do throughout the day. Especially in middle school. Mty family booked a vacation for 3 days and when I came back, I had so much make up work to do I was crying. And we already get a 7 hour school day, So instead of having to do more work when we get home, We should just do it in that 7 hours. Theres no point of doing more work any way.

  • School is too much for children.

    I am a student myself. I really hate school. The thing is that students are given too much homework. As i am writing this argument i was just given homework that is very confusing. We were told to write notes and i still do not get my homework. Every night i am given tons of homework to complete and it is very stressful. I think of school more as a prison more than a place to learn. School is just mental torture to me. School does not deserve to put too much pressure on kids. Now i am not saying that school should be banned. I am saying that schools should not put too much pressure on children like me.

  • YES! As a student myself, Heading into her GCSE year I can prove how the overwhelming pressure and stress is taking its toll

    I am a high achieving student and im in top set for everything - however i'm in top set for my grades in English, History, Biology and French and struggle with the likes of Matha, Physics and Chemistry. School mounts pressure up on us young teens telling us that GCSEs define our futures by allowing us to go to good colleges/sixth forms and consequently universities. Adults also ramp the pressure up by pulling faces at our hard earned grade 6's (for those who aren't from uk or are living under a rock our education system just changed our grades from A*-F to 1-9 with a nine being an "elite" A* as its being described by teachers ) wich are the equivalent of a B. Schools and adults blame our stress and failing grades on devices and social media when in reality they are our escape caused by the pressures of school, Lack of support and mmense piles of homework. Every week my weekly homeworks are: A 5 page booklet from French, A 3 question Essay, Examination questions from biology, Chemistry and physics, Interactive questanaires from maths, Coursework in art and practice questions from English and annotations of the books/poems we are studying. . . Every week, And yet apparently im meant to be overreacting? Hmmm I think not x

  • Kids are working too hard.

    They give kids too much homework and they have too much school. I think kids need more breaks and not to work so hard. I think they should decrease the amount hours they are in school. I think they should set a 6 hour maximum school day limit all across the US.

  • Schools are stressing out students.

    Due to the stress it is negatively impacting their health and their personal life. Students need to have some downtime. Schools should try some stress reducing activities and some stress reduction programs. If schools would stop giving students so much work they would be able to live happier and easier lives.

  • School isn't all

    Students need other things to keep him happy. Constantly giving pressure, Work and exams will remove their happiness, Causing to lose effectiveness in class, Causing problems and cycle worsens. It is important to give students a source of happiness to relax such as family time, Personal time to spend time on habits and most importantly anything that can remove from stress and pressure of school works. This goes the same to everyone, Not always school students

  • Stop being lazy. Simple.

    The average amount of hours in a single school day is only 6 1/2 hours

    https://www. Businessinsider. Com/why-america-needs-longer-school-days-2013-9

    Stop being lazy. Get off the phone in class, Listen/take notes and do homework. How hard is that? People get up at 6AM EVERYDAY for work and they don't get the WHOLE summer off either. If anything you should cherish that time because you won't be able to re-live it.

  • Not in terms of learning, But often in terms of quantity.

    Honestly, Most kids in college, Especially high school are super lazy. It's too much homework because they are used to doing nothing. 99. 99% of kids do not read the book. Homework becomes very easy if you read and understand the book. If anyone complains about high school, Then your probably just dumb(no offense). High school is the easiest thing in the world. I literally didn't try at all, In all the highest level classes, And i got mostly A's. A. P world history though is one class that was hard, But probably because I didn't read at all, Which changed when I went to college. You should really enjoy learning, If you get into the subject you learn a lot, The key is understanding why it is the way it is.

  • The kids are stressing.

    The kids are stressing because of homework. They are because they are stressed that they won't finish it in time for the next day. And they propaly want to hang out with there gang in the afternoons or relax for a while. Like going to a party or having a dinner with your whole family.

  • Just too lazy.

    What part of sitting on your butt and paying attention is too much effort? Sure, You have some homework but that is just a bit more sitting on you backside reading/writing. Many students basically don't like school as it interrupts their free time to socialize or play on various devices. Aw, The horror of not being able to play on their PlayStation because they have to finish their homework.

  • No It's Just You

    Stop complaining about too much school work. Everyone has hours and days they can use to finish their work instead most people either procrastinate or just leave it at the last minute and beg for extensions. Just finish your work and stop complaining. Schools are going actually way too easy on us in Canada. The standards are the easiest of them all and we don't get enough work to disband our phones and focus on life and education. Most of us are way too attached to technology and not focused on important stuff.

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