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  • Are testicles useless?

    I made this because I was bored. Just want people to find reasons why testicles are useless. Like an argument. I think it's good for girls such as myself to hit guys balls. I believe all girls should be allowed to hit and pop guys balls for fun without any consequences.

  • Do yall want to go extinct?

    Our balls make sperm which is what we put in girls having kids. Girls talk about having kids and everyday men are suffering from ruptured testicles. Yall need to take caution of us men if you want to have kids. And i have stories i can tell you some. My friend who is 23 cannot have kids because his fiance (they got married and divorced) was doing yard work with him and she jokingly hit him with a f***ing hammer and his testicles popped and blood squirted all in his pants almost killing him but he recovered without his nuts. Would yall like us to cut yalls fingers off? If yall kick us guys in the nuts let us stab you in the boobs?

  • Very painful spot

    Buys balls are useful to kick them! I did it to a lot of boys in school and they ALWAYS fall to the ground crying and holding their area!
    I kick them if they piss me off or say something bad to me or touch me. I don't even get in trouble cuz they are too humileated to tell anyone, Lol.

  • Women are stronger.

    My wife loves the control she has over me and regularly finds a way to hurt my testicles. It is such a turn on that if we make love afterwards, I absolutely explode inside her. Yes, Our balls are for breeding (2 kids so far), But my marriage is a blast due to how kinky we are.

  • Ball bust is cool

    I am a male and I have always wanted a girl in black leather boots to kick my balls and castrate them with her boots. Then I want her to reach down my pants and pull out what is left of my balls even though they are mush now yeah!

  • Nuts are useless

    If girls have period pains us guys need a kick in the balls every day. Girls a stronger than men beacause they don t have balls. The only use of balls is to be kicked by girls as hard as posible. I love it when a girl kicks me in the balls

  • Learned the lesson early

    Single mom encouraged my 2 sisters to kick and abuse my nuts regularly. Lost my left one at 16 from a stomp by sister - to everyone’s enjoyment. Continue to crave humiliation from my wife who gladly keeps me in my place by abusing my solo nut - and no I never fathered with them.

  • A welcome vulnerability

    In this world girls constantly endure sexual harassment, Leering, And the threat of rape, Even from someone you know! I never wear a skirt in public nowadays because since the age of 12 males of all ages have stared longingly at my legs.
    If those same legs that they so admire were permitted to cripple them in agony every time they stared perhaps I could lead a normal life instead of having to hide my body.
    Perhaps allowing the testicles to be an open target for women would make men treat us with more respect!

  • Getting balls kicked

    I love getting my balls kicked, I love when I volunteer for my friends self defense class. I Don't wear a protection for my balls, I love getting kicked in my balls I love it when they try to pop my balls. Moms should be able to have there boys castrated and there husbands or boyfriends

  • Girls should hit guys balls more often!

    I love kicking guys in the balls. At school I do it all the time as hard as I can, And just play it off as an accident if they try to report me. They can't do anything back and it's hilarious to watch them rolling around in pain on the ground. One time I hit a guy so perfectly that I actually did end up rupturing his testicles, But I didn't even get suspended for it! The principal didn't really care and I went on my way kicking more guys in the balls. Testicles are completely useless and girls should be able to kick as many guys as they want in the balls with no consequences!

  • Men need testicles

    Without testicles men cannot have sex. Cannot be arroused. You can make a man importent from kicking their balls and also kill them. Imagine if someone can kick you and take away your ability to ever have kids. And if someone survives the kick and goes to the er chances are the testis have to be removed. Making young makes want to kill themselves cause they wouldn't get any girl what so ever.

  • They are essential

    1. ) Without testicles, You wouldn't be here. Sperm + Egg= human, Go take biology classes and understand the process of making babies.
    2. ) To all the dumb girls saying they enjoy kicking boys in their balls, How would you feel if men kneed you in the vulva for fun, It hurts more for you idiots since the pussy has more nerves than the balls. But seriously go get a life.

  • U guys r f***ing messed up

    WHAT THE f**k IS WRONG WITH ALL OF U? ! U BITCHES NEED f***ing HELP! U ARE DEMENTED RETARDS! U can't just go around kicking guy balls. I guess periods hurt a lot but I don't think u understand the pain of getting kicked in the nuts. Testicles support the population. Lab sperm is too expensive and hard to make to support the whole population u dumbasses. I'm gonna wear a metal dick guard so when u try to kick it u break you are all you are toes. Lemme tell u f***ing cunts a story one time a bitch just like u people kicked me there. It hurt like hell so I socked her in the face. She was crying and nosebleeding. It was the best fun I had had in a while. And on top of that guess who still gets bullied and lost all her friends? That bitch. Anyway, F**k you guys hope u end up like her.

  • Testicles are a girl's best friend!

    When we were courting, My husband was always looking at other girls and I used to get so upset and angry, But I thought that once we were married he would stop. He didn't, And I seriously thought about leaving him.
    One night we were cuddling in bed and I told him straight out that I was thinking of leaving him because of this. He laughed at me and said I was being stupid. This made me angry and I kicked him away from me. In doing so I caught him in his testicles and he rolled away from me in obvious agony. It was a revelation, And gave me an idea.
    The next night in bed I pulled him to me and cuddled him. He started to get horny and I fondled his penis to get it really hard. I then gently took hold of his testicles, One in each hand. I then explained to him how painful it was to see him leering at other girls, And that I wanted to show him how much it hurt me. As we were talking I slowly started to increase the pressure on his testicles until he started to squirm in pain. He started begging me to let go, But I told him that I needed to make him realise how important this issue was to me. Over the next few minutes I squeezed harder and harder until he was in terrible pain. He swore that he would never stare at another girl when we were together, And literally begged me to forgive him. I released my grip and he curled up whimpering and sobbing.
    That was over ten years ago, And I've only had to do it again once when he relapsed at a party. I can honestly say that it has transformed our relationship, And he is far more attentive.
    I have also found that if I want him to do something for me he will always agree to it if I ask him while I'm holding his testicles!
    For me, The testicles are the key to a happy marriage!

  • Uc you cunts

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  • Well you have to pee from something.

    For one, male genitals are what you pee from so without them good luck. Second, male genitals are like that so males can fertilize female and make babies. Without babies, we would all go extinct. So no, male genitals are not useless.
    (Word cap fulfiller thing or whatever goes here)

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