Are there intentional bias from both sides of the media (Western and Chinese) when it comes to reporting the Hong Kong protests?

  • Both sides are biased.

    There are bias towards the Chinese government and the Hong Kong police when it comes to Western media. They portray protesters that throw brick, Commit arson, And vandalize as "peaceful" and characterize the police force that are trying to maintain peace as "police brutality". Similarly, Western media tends to skip over the massive pro-government rallies that also occur in Hong Kong and around the world. This is fits into the ongoing problem of American media portraying China as an evil country, While in reality, A nice country to visit that have been growing economically.
    Chinese media is also biased in this instance as they tell the mainland citizens that the protesters are "bribed" to protest and cause riot by foreign governments, Especially the United States. Although this is most likely to be false, It can still be persuasive for Chinese citizens.
    In short, No media has actually report the Hong Kong protests and reactions as it really is because of political issues.

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