• Trees are required for our survival.

    Trees are very important! They play a big role in many ways. Not only are they useful to provide us with oxygen, But they also do many other important jobs.

    They house animals like birds and squirrels.

    Certain types grow fruit and berries for us to eat.

    Some provide syrup and sap with many different uses.

    They take in our carbon dioxide, Which helps reduce all the carbon dioxide that we breathe out.

    They can help cover you in the rain and shield you from the wind.

    They provide shade on those hot days to humans and animals.

    They are food for many types of animals.

    So you see, Trees are very important in the world. They are a huge part of nature and our lives.

  • Trees Are Good

    Trees make oxygen for us humans to breathe at. If there were no trees, We were dead already. They also privide us water, Rubber, Etc. They may only seem like just clumps of green leaves, But they have all the uses that helps us. Trees also help us with dirty air from cars such as Ginkgo trees. Some gives us yummy fruits!

  • Good for what?

    You can't just throw a question out there with no specific thing to question! Yes, They're good. Some bare fruit. All full grown trees (during summer the summer) provide shade, Which prevents sunburn and causes a domino effect that sunburn prevents skin cancer. Also, Any plant that is fully grown produces oxygen, So everything alive doesn't just drop dead. Sure, In California, They start forest fires because of a mix between them being dry, And something about the Santa Ana Winds. (I might have my facts wrong with the California forest fires), But overall, They're pretty darn good.

  • Trees should die

    When i was a child i got raped by a tree, And it was a very traumatic experience for me. To this day i still fear walking beside trees. The mere sight of greenery scares me. Maybe every tree isn't like this, But i do not want to take the chance of letting people be raped again. I will stand against the trees, Wether alone or united

  • Their moral compass doesn't exist as far as our understanding of plants is concerned.

    The way people determine and debate over what the "best" ethically correct decision is when crossed with a moral dilemma, Trees don't partake in that behavior. Therefore, There is nothing they do that makes their moral compass point in the "good" direction, Neither is there a "bad" direction since the "bad" doesn't exist without the "good". To us they could be "good" since they provide benefits to humans, But the trees themselves are not "good".

  • Because thery arenot

    They are not cuase like what the hell do they do. They are just clumps of green leaves that get in the way like what the hell man they are not cuase like what the hell do they do. They are just clumps of green leaves that get in the way like what the hell man

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