• Love is love

    Honestly, Who even cares if a gay couple gets married? It isn't affecting you and the government has no right to prevent it from happening, Even if it's "unnatural" (tattoos and piercings are unnatural, But are they banned? No. ) Separation of church and state, Separation of government and personal decisions.

  • Love doesnt discriminate.

    Different people like different people. Some girls like girls, Some guys like guys. Get over it. Okay, The whole identifying thing has gone too far with too many sexuality choices and genders but if someones lesibian, They should be allowed to marry the person that makes them happiest. Please don't be so close minded, Though i get it if you are christian or going by Gods teachings or something.

  • Your sexuality isn't a choice.

    It's what your mind and body choose, And it is not a sin. Sure you may not like it, But do you really have a say in other's sexuality? I know I sure don't, And neither do the homosexual people that wish to be straight. It's up to the mind and the body, And if they are homo, And get in a relationship with the opposite gender as them, It isn't really love. They don't love them, And if anything they feel uncomfortable. And, Just so you know, What the bible says is what people THOUGHT God and Jesus meant, Or what YOU think when you read it. In NO part of the bible does it say loving the same gender as you is a sin, You wanna know why? Because it isn't. If you haven't heard, God doesn't care if you love someone who is the same gender as you, He loves you for who you are anyways. It's completely natural to love the same gender as you. It's also completely natural in animals to be in relationships with the same gender. Animals don't care, Because they themselves can be gay, And neither should humans. Your sexuality is not a choice, It's up to both the mind, And the body.

  • We Are Not A Theocracy

    North America, Europe, Or most other countries are not theocracies. There is no non-religious reason for same-sex marriage to be considered wrong. It harms nobody as long as it is between consenting adults. Also, The Bible can't directly address homosexuality, Since the first recorded homosexual person came after the Bible was written (or so my pastor says). That's like trusting the word of the Bible on like, IPhones or something.

    TL;DR: Countries can't base views on religion because they are not theocracies, And the Bible can't speak about homosexuality because there were no known homosexuals at the time.

  • Hey judgmental prick

    Honestly, If you are against gay married couple because your religion believes, Then you are entitled to that. But what makes it ok to judge? What gives you the right to dictate how people should be. We automatically accept that our children are straight from the start and, We should be offended when they are brave? I frankly don’t worry if you are paying taxes and, Living like any other regular people then then be it. I frankly don’t care if they are gay or not. Sex preferences doesn’t matter at a job or whatever

  • Homosexuality is a sin

    Google it. It's a mortal sin, Amongst many (is there such thing is an immortal sin? Probably. . . ) As Arnold Schwarzenegger said, "Gay marriage is between a man and a woman. " Honestly, Could you change the thumbnail to the LGBTQIA flag or something? SMH. It's creepy, Unnatural and a blasphemy to God's creation.

  • It's completely unnatural

    For most of the animal species each gender like the other gender. As humans we either are born with a male or female genitalia and we naturally are sexualy attracted to the other gender and if you like the same gender that is what you think your body wants but its not what you body naturally want.

  • Cause they are gay.

    I don't like gays and I do not believe that they should be in society. Gay marriage is gay and according to the mad dog Israel Folau they are the whole reason Australia has been forced into this drought and these bushfires. I don't wanna see two male or two female spastics kissing each other and that is final.

  • In all honestly no

    They want some piece of paper. No minister or religion would accept that. The are branches of religions that accept them like Anglicans and Unitarians but no normal minister would want to marry them. Muslims, And governments hate them. The ministers leave them alone except when they force them to marry them.
    Again there are weird sects and rouge ministers that would want to marry gay couples but the majority of religious leaders do not want to that.
    Why would you even want approval from a group that does not support your behavior?

    Do not force Jews to eat pork. Do not force christian ministers to go against what they believe in. The government already gives you rights just leave the pastors alone.

  • Being gay=our extinction

    Is being gay becomes a common thing around the world, Not only is being gay selfish but that is the first step to end a test god created for our souls. This world has both happiness and sadness, And God sent our souls here to test us and see if what final resting place our soul is going to be at, The world becoming gay is like making ourselves a bomb. THINK SCIENCE, IF YOU HAVEN'T BEEN PAYING ATTENTION

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